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Jun 21, 2013 08:42 AM

Light dinner

We like the idea of having a beer and apps at Full Sail. Looking for a place to go after that for a light dinner.

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  1. Well, that would be Hood River and not Portland, so you might try and ask on the PNW board as welll (because they might delete this thread...ya never know around here).

    My first thought was to be snarky and say that if you are eating and drinking beer at Full Sail instead of at Double Mountain (and now Pfriem is in Hood River, also better beer than Full Sail, IMO), you're probably not all that picky about your food and drink...but hey, different strokes for different folks...we all like what we like.

    But I would suggest Double Mountain's food, especially their pizza (which is high praise from this Brooklyn, NY transplant).

    But there are places like Celilo, Nora's Table and I have heard good things about White Buffalo recently.

    1. I read on CH that in Portland, along the River, there is a Full Sail Restaurant. That is where we are going

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        Oh, that's the pub at Riverplace! Gotcha...many choices of stuff to drink and eat there, it is an actual pub - used to have a cheap happy hour.

        Dinner nearby...hmmm. I have heard good things about Raven & Rose, though I have not been there. It is a close walk.

        So is Veritable Quandry, which has a nice outdoor seating area...though it can be crazy crowded. Food is good, though not terribly exciting.

        Nel Centro at Hotel Modera is nearby and they ahve a great outdoor courtyard area, and good rinks, but I haven't really had their food.

        The folks who own Thirst Wine Bar which is also on that stretch of the river, just opened Bistro Marquee which is in the 200 Market building, also nearby. That might be a nice choice.

        And there is always the bar at Higgins (nice charcuterie plate, great beer list) or the Heathman (the bar menu is very serviceable and cocktails are good) if you want to venture up to Broadway.

      2. Perfect, Higgins it is! I have read good things about Higgins.