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Jun 21, 2013 07:38 AM

Paris - Great place for sole meuniere or sole almandine?

Hi Chowhounds,

Hoping for your expert advice. I love more traditional French food. Specifically looking for a great place (can be a cafe, bistro, etc) in Paris that serves a great sole meuniere or sole almandine. Is there any place you can recommend, preferably one that is not crazy expensive :)

I'm staying near the Louvre but we are fine with going to other neighborhoods in Paris for great food!

Thanks for taking the time to share, much appreciated.

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  1. La Closerie des Lilas is known for its sole meunière; not sure that it still does it right but that's a small piece of information.

    Of course perfection in that matter will be found at Le Divellec, but in the crazy expensive category.

    1. Garnier's is not bad but I'd avoid the Big Dome's.

      1. Rostang's fish restaurant, in neuilly, Jarasse, has spectacular sole meuniere, bring table side in the pan with sizzling butter.

        Au Bon Accueil, rue de Montessuy, does it pretty well, and affordable.

        L'Auberge du 15 often has it has its fish course, pure perfection like everything they do.

        Would check l'Auberge Bressane too, too lazy to do. So right now.

        1. Two spots nearby are Goumard (52E) and Le Castiglione (42E), the Goumard ambiance is worth the higher price, IMO.

          1. The chef at Leo Le Leon in the 7th spent some 20 yrs. with Jacques Le Divellec who to me is one of the all-time masters of fish. You may need to call ahead to see if it is going to be on the menu the day you are planning to go.