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Jul 9, 2003 12:40 PM

Eating at the Big Bend

  • j

I will be visiting the Big Bend soon and was hoping someone could help me out as to where I should look for good restaurants. TIA

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  1. Do a control f for marfa, alpine, fort davis and big bend. It's been covered down the board. Have a great trip.

    1. Not sure of your price range, but a fairly new place in Lajitas is Octillo, which is owned by the folks from Hudson's on the Bend near Lake Travis. I have not been there yet, but if it's anything like Hudson's, it's excellent, and pricey.


      1. We spent three weeks out there, coming up Alt 90 from Houston, and dropping into the park and then up to Alpine and out I-10.

        The best meal we had was the bratwurst we made at our camp sight. And when we stoped in San Antonio on the way home.

        Nothing too meomorble if memory serves me right. Foodwise that is.

        There is a Lodge in Ft. Davis that looked pretty good, but kinda like "old people food".

        But what a great trip that was!

        have fun, and bring lots of water.

        1. j
          John Morthland

          In Alpine, Grady Spears' Reata serves his pricey new-cowboy cuisine, while the more affordable Alicia's Burrito Place is just what it says, and quite good. In Terlingua, the Starlight Theater serves a little of everything (steak, pork, chicken, pasta, fish) and has probably the most and best vegetables in the area (good desserts too). The Phoenix Cafe there is good Italian and Italian-influenced. I think the restaurant at the old WPA lodge in the state park at Ft Davis serves perfectly serviceable basics (pork chops, enchiladas, etc.), and I've heard the restaurant at the Limpia Hotel in FD is upgrading, though I can't vouch for it. Cafe Cenizo in the Gage Hotel in Marathon is also good, somewhat pricey southwestern. La Kiva at Study Butte is okay for steaks and barbecue.