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Jun 21, 2013 01:06 AM

Staying at Hong Kong, Central for 4 days. Reccomendations?

My main focus is for dim sum. But anything else of interest?
I will be staying near Sheung Wan statiojn

Trying to avoid tourist traps. Going with wife who was born in HK so communication is not a problem but she has not lived there for over 2 decades so no clues on whats good.


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  1. Choices are unlimited!!
    I think its best for you to do some research first and then we'll help you to narrow down choices.
    These postings area good starting point!

    1. Ok what's a good place to go to for some good big juicy mantis prawns ( pissing prawns?)
      Near central would be good

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      1. re: asidbyrne

        To my knowledge, there are tons of great 'Cantonese restaurants' in the Central district including but not limited to - The Chairman, The Square, Man Wah, Lung King Heen, Lei Garden and Cuisine Cuisine, IFC...etc However, though they all have seafood sections in their menus, none of them are 'seafood specialists' as such. Availability of Mantis Prawns is therefore a hit and miss?!!
        Foe special seafood restaurants with fish/bi-valves/crustaceans options that might include your Mantis Prawns, guess you have to venture over to say 'The Manor' in Wan Chai or Xin Dau Ji and Tai Woo, both in CausewayBay!

        You can also trying searching on

        Good Luck!!

        If you are really adventurous, the best place for this delicacy is the Canteen/Restaurant inside Aberdeen's Wholesale fish market!! Experience of a life time!!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Here are some pictures I took outside of Manor back in January of the seafood tank. The mantis prawn is huge, and is a Thailand or Vietnam specimen. Local mantis prawns are smaller but have a unique flavor, and are a lot more difficult to come by. Either way, Charles is right...availability can be iffy. Better off calling ahead first.

          Although you might have slightly higher chances of finding them around the Wanchai area of Jaffe Road, where all the typhoon shelter / Under Bridge spicy crab type eateries are located, since salt pepper mantis prawns are also quite heavily ordered (assuming that's the style/prep you are interested in).

          I *really* wanted to take a snapshot of the humpback grouper in the fish tank of The Forum, but the parking attendant guy stationed at the top of the stairs didn't look very friendly...

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Charles - I can imagine Under the Bridge's dry-ish chilli-garlic preparation will be mighty tasty for mantis prawns :-)

            Maybe worth a short jump over to Wanchai.

            1. re: klyeoh

              This ' Garlic-chili ' approach is the favorite amongst typical Hong Kongers.

              However, according to Chef Lai of On-Lot-10, since the meat of the Mantis Prawns are so sweet and delicate ( especially the priced local ones ), it would be a waste using heavy handed preparation to mask the taste of the meat. As such, real foodies prefer them simply 'steamed'!
              ( since Chef Lai is a prodigy of Ducasse, guess his suggestion reflects the master's approach towards top-notch ingredients!! " Simple preparation to let them shine! "

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Wow, I didn't realise Chef Lai has French culinary training background, let alone having worked under Ducasse.

                The best mantis shrimp dish I'd ever had was also deep-fried,then stir-fried with chopped garlic (but no chillis) in a top Chinese restaurant in Bangkok - it's way back in 1994/1995 - left quite an impression on me.