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Jun 20, 2013 11:17 PM

Kit's Thai Kitchen (Stamford)--closed, boo hoo!

Anyone have any insider info on what happened here? The place had good food, nice personnel, easy parking, and every time I was there the tables were full and several people were waiting for takeout. And then suddenly, after years of operation, poof, it's gone. I know the restaurant business is hard, but this place certainly seemed successful. The only other Thai restaurant in town (not counting the Pan Asian places with a couple of Thai dishes on the menu), is Little Buddha, which is tiny, farther from my home, and has terrible parking. Phooey. I'll really miss Kit's.

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  1. That's sad news. I liked this place too.

    There is also Ocha on Prospect st. that is Thai & Japanese. But IMO it does neither well, and no parking to either.

    1. We are so sad that Kits is closed. We used to live in Stamford and found this great restaurant in 2005. Since we have moved to NYC and we still make it to Kits several times a month. Believe it or not we can't find drunken noodle or green curry with the same depth and complex favors at any thai place in NYC. We've certainly tried sampling thai from more than a more than a dozen restaurants. The owners were always so kind to us and knew us by our first name. Whenever we head north for the weekend we always stop at kits for dinner. Tonight was no exception and we were so disheartened to realize that no one was answering the phone not because they were so busy as they usually are, but because they are closed. I would love to know if the owners decided to open elsewhere or if they've closed the restaurant for good.