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Jun 20, 2013 09:40 PM

Seeking good house-made muhammara

I had a reliable source of delicious muhammara in the Boston area but haven't found anything like it around San Francisco. I do realize I probably won't find it in the city, so is there a recommendation for somewhere else where I can buy a tub in the area? Perhaps I'll need to explore making my own.

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  1. Hi... It is really easy to make and once you do... Here's a link to a version I've tried (and liked) from epicurious.

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    1. re: debbypo

      Thanks for the recipe! I should try this, and figure out what else I can do with pomegranate molasses.

    2. Haig's is delicious, not expensive, and widely sold in natural foods stores. They've closed the deli, but still sell their products retail.

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      1. re: Windy

        Great tip! I bought a container from WF yesterday and have yet to try it, but glad to know it's easily available.

      2. Troya in SF and Zatar in Berkeley make it.

        Maybe Royal Market & Bakery on Geary?

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I'm not a fan of the version I had at Troya. Nut and pomegranate flavors aren't very potent, and peppers dominate the flavor.

        2. I like Haig's, already mentioned here. I also like (probably better; never had them close enough together to really tell) the muhammara made and sold in the deli at Woodlands Market in Kentfield (Marin).

          Woodlands Market
          735 College Ave
          Kentfield, CA 94904

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          1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

            I stopped my Woodlands market today and got a small container of their muhammara. I'd forgotten how addictive it is to me. I'm sure there are about as many recipes for this as there are makers, but this one is my favorite so far. If you're in Marin County, get some from Woodlands Market and see how you like it compared to others.

            1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

              Sounds delicious. Do they make it themselves? And what else do you recommend there or nearby, if I'm going to detour to Kentfield?

              1. re: Windy

                They make it. I don't shop there regularly for the past several years since I live much nearer to Whole Foods, so I'm not up on what's best in their deli.

                If you're interested in a restaurant, there's a quite good new one (open a few months) in downtown Larkspur called Farm House Local.

          2. try the "Turkish salad" at Oasis on Telegraph in Oakland. Addictive.