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Jun 20, 2013 06:37 PM

No frills near passyunk square

I just moved from center city down to the passyunk sq area. I like the highly regarded expensive restaurants just as much as the dark bars, ethnic spots, or plastic 'chair' establishments.

I would love for some recommendations on neighborhood spots whether it be a cafe, bar, cheese shop, bakery, or restaurant. Keep the recommendation to places that wouldn't necessitate a reservation. Thanks!

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  1. On Monday night, I went to Hardena for the first time (Indonesian food). My friend and I both had the rice platter. There was a selection of 9 different dishes, and we could choose 3 served over rice. I had a tofu/eggplant stew, a jackfruit stew, and fish curry. A little drop of hot sauce on the side was too hot for my taste, but could liven up the meal for those who enjoy some heat. Very simple arrangement, with 4-5 tables, disposable utensils, and a self serve cooler of water. A lot of food for a very reasonable price, and a friendly atmosphere.

    I also like to buy fresh ricotta from Mancuso Cheese Shop. It is a crowded narrow space, old school, no frills. The fresh ricotta I eat instead of ice cream as a dessert!

    1. You can always go to Ippolito's (13th & Dickinson) for take-out seafood platters. They have a large menu and will also cook anything they have in the case. They have a few counter seats in there, but if you live close by, just take it home.

      1. I triend the new bar Fountain Porter (10th & Tasker) and found it to be pleasent. No super loud music or kids swilling PBR.
        Not sure if Artisan Boulagne has re-opened yet (12th & Mifflin?), but when they do, go there for bread/pastry!

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          +1 Hardena and Artisan Boulanger
          Chhaya for brunch
          Franco Luigi's (takeout/delivery side) -- definitely try their tomato pie and the Nonna's Homestyle.
          Stogie Joe's -- for pizza. Rest of the food is kind of meh.
          Bottle Shop -- you can drink there, and they have taps.
          Ultimo Coffee
          Los Gallos
          The takeout tofu/snack Vietnamese place next to Nam Phuong

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            Does anyone know if they've reopened yet? I've heard amazing things.

            1. re: Cpmullie

              I walked by there last week and it was not open, there was some equipment inside (their old display cases) and the counters looked done, it seemed like they could open soon. I hope they bring back the sourdough baguette when they reopen.

          2. Welcome to the neighborhood! You will not go hungry, that's for sure! Here's a few recs:

            Marra's - pizza only, eat in or take out; ask for it cooked well done
            Stogie Joe's - pizza and traditional Italian/bar food; service is slow, I recommend take out instead
            Mancuso's Cheese Shop - divine homemade ricotta...and get a lemon water ice while you're there
            Francoluigi's - pizza and Italian food; very good, big portions
            Circles - excellent Thai
            Cosmi's - great corner hoagie/cheesesteak joint