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Jun 20, 2013 04:07 PM

"A little gourmet hole in the wall" [Café ProFusion, Dillon, CO]

"A little gourmet hole in the wall" - their saying, not mine.
Found this little restaurant called Cafe Profusion on our I70 drive from Glenwood back to Denver. What surprise! It was listed high on TA which I find often doesn't mean much for food quality, but this time was spot on:

Awesome roasted vegetable soup & tasty ribs. Most of the food has a thai or indian influence. It truly is a hole in the wall. Just a couple tables in a tiny place in an old building. If the weather is nice, get the food to go, and go sit by the big reservoir which is only a couple blocks away. We sat out on the sidewalk area an enjoyed talking to the owner who obviously had a passion for what they do.

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