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celery salad??

Was iin supermarket today and always cruise aisles hoping for SALE on certain stuff. Like the GOOD canned solid in olive oil. Market had GREAT jarred tuna (in water and oil) that pretty pricey and NEVER seems to go on sale or I'd buy a LOT! In canned/jarred veggie aisle saw something I'd never seen (or maybe never noticed) before... celery salad in a jar?? Looked like shredded celery? Label said stuff like celery, vinegar, salt, sugar and a few other things. A 6-ish ounce jar was something like $3-4?? NOT in price range ot take a chance??

Do you make, or have a recipe, for celery salad??

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    1. It does sound a bit pricey, but also sounds delicious. I've neve had celery salad, bit I'm gonna have to make some!

      1. Mrs. Jonesey... thanks for the info. Gonna give that recipe a try. Don't get why that little jar in supermarket was $3-4 when the ingredients had to be PENNIES!?!

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          You're welcome. Hope you like it. I use champagne vinegar and have never bothered with the nuts.

        2. Most jarred "celery salads" are really celery root or celeriac salad which is popular in Germany and other European countries. Check the jar. It probably is imported, which would explain the price

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            Yes, this is what I believe the celery salad is in the jar. Sellerisalat in German. I've bought celery roots. It is pretty labor intensive to slice the knobby outside, then make matchsticks. Toss with a little vinegar and oil or lemon and oil. It was one of my favorite discoveries when living in Germany.

          2. http://m.saveur.com/article/Recipes/C...

            I'm so glad you brought this up! This recipe appeared here on CH some time ago but I'd forgotten all about it. It's one of those super simple dishes that becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Very refreshing. It's going on the list for next week. :)

            1. There's a celery salad I make from a site that calls itself Love Celery.com:

              Celery, Radish, Apple and Blue Cheese Salad

              I usually increase the amounts of celery and radishes. It's a quick and easy recipe that produces a quite delicious simple and different salad.

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                Oh my, this sounds delicious, Gio! If I get myself out to the store (big if) we'll have it this weekend. Soon, for sure. Thanks!

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                  Gio, that sounds terrific! I see it for when the fam gathers in late July. Thanks.

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                    Gio, a couple of questions please. I really want to make this when the girls come in. There will be seven adults. I'm assuming A LOT of increasing. Also, would you sub pecans for the walnuts which aren't a fave of mine? Finally, how far ahead do you think I can make it? Will the vinegar keep the apples from turning brown? Thanks, kiddo.

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                      HiHo CO... In the land of kebabs and baklava and you're thinking about Celery Salad? LOL

                      Yes, I think the walnuts can be replaced by pecans or even almonds if you like. As for the salad itself, increases shouldn't be a problem, and the celery, radishes, nuts can be prepped in the AM, put into prep bowls and wrapped tightly w plastic wrap, then into the fridge. I'd leave the apple to slice just before you put the salad together. I wouldn't take out the cheese too far in advance unlike most cheeses. You want to be able to slice it w/o it crumbling.

                      For the dressing, you could do it in advance and whisk again before pouring over the salad. I add freshly round black pepper but no salt, however taste and season to your own taste...

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                        Great tips re prepping. Thanks. I'm ready to come home and do some cookin' :)

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                      Gio, made this last night and everybody loved it! So crunchy and good. I couldn't find the dolcelatte so subbed St. Agur Blue which just added that bit of richness. Served it with the Trini-Chinese chicken and a fruit salad. White peach sangria. A lovely summer night's dinner for all the family. Thanks as always.

                    3. My favourite salad EVER is thinly sliced celery, thinly sliced raw mushrooms, shaved Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.

                      1. I make this salad every so often - I peel and dice Celery root ( Celery knobs/Celeriac) and boil in water until just soft. ( don't overcook) Then I make a still warm salad with Vinegar, Oil, Pepper, Salt and Sugar and Caraway seeds. (Caraway seeds are a must ) Adding some finely chopped raw Onions and perhaps chopped tart Apple and serve still warm to room temperature, never cold.