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Jun 20, 2013 02:41 PM

Need info- Hong Kong and Shanghai

I am going, for the first time to the orient, I see there is kosher in Hong kong so i would appreciate some guidance;

1) Any updates on kosher in hong kong and shanghai?

2) most important, I'm extremely confused re which area in Hong Kong to stay in order not to be too far from the kosher stuff

any help would, as always, be appreciated and reciprocated

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  1. Chabad is in both HK and Shanghai - mikvah, shabbos, everything. There are restaurants listed here:

    1. here's an old thread on Hong Kong. the situation hasn't changed. you can stay at mid-level and use the restaurant and store at Ohel Leah, or in Kowloon where you have Kehilat Zion - Hechal Ezra and also Chabad. Probably stay at whichever is closer to whatever business you're doing in Hong Kong. Both Chabad and Hechal Ezra cater to travelers. Ohel Leah does, too, but it is a real community.

      Shanghai has a Chabad that caters to travelers.