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CHEAP LA Breakfast/Brunch Buffets?

I was recently in Las Vegas and we did the $15 brunch buffet thing everyday. Now that I'm back home in LA, I can't find a breakfast buffet anywhere for under $50! I am sure that those pricy ones are delicious, but I really just want the basics (eggs, waffles, pancakes, etc) and was hoping there might be some more affordable options for those of us that can't afford to spend that much on a meal. Something under or around $20-$25 on weekends would be wonderful, but better than Souplantation and preferably not a chain. Thanks!!

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  1. You can take $5 off of their weekend brunch price if you are seated by (I think it is) 9:30AM at Shangai Red's in the Marina. Their regular weekend Saturday buffet brunch is $32.95 for adults.


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      Oh that looks cool! Definitely will try there. Thanks!

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        One other possibility. The Double Tree http://doubletree3.hilton.com/en/hote... in Santa Monica has a breakfast buffet that is open to non-guests as well and is $18.95 for the AYCE option.

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          Wow perfect! That's pretty near me so I'll definitely be going there soon! Thanks, this is awesome.

    2. Gosh, mostly, I am not sure you can get what you want in LA, at that cost, and not have it be a chain.

      Acapulco (and probably El Torito as they are the same company) have Sunday brunch for about $17 per adult.

      I don't know there you live, but in SGV, a decent option (never been but have heard of it) is Almansor Court for their sunday brunch. Adults $25 per person but they often post coupons.


      And plus, with your price point, you could just go to a decent place, order breakfast, add two different sides, and be happy. I hope! : )

      Good luck and keep us all updated!

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        Alamansor Court looks good! $25 isn't bad!

        I definitely usually just do the order breakfast and some sides thing and it's yummy, but I like sampling lots of things, it's fun and I hadn't done that since I was a kid in San Diego really! I thought if Vegas and San Diego both have so many buffet breakfasts, surely LA does too! And judging by how many options are on this thread, we do! :)

      2. I'm no expert, but I believe the buffets are loss leaders for most of the Vegas casinos, so you're not going to find anything with that sort of price to quantity and/or quality ratio here in LA. The restaurant couldn't survive. Having said that, I've heard the Universal City Hilton has a relatively reasonably priced brunch buffet, but I can't vouch for it.

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          Hmm, yeah they could be loss leaders, some of them anyway! However, there are so many dinner buffets in LA that aren't unreasonably priced, so I figured, why not breakfast ones too?

          I'll check out the Universal City Hilton! Thanks :)

        2. Burger Continental in Pasadena has an AYCE breakfast buffet Friday and Saturday 7:30am-11:00am for only $5.99.

          I know this place gets some bad reviews but I had this breakfast buffet about 6 months ago and thought it was quite good.

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            Huh - never heard of them. Fun find!

            And their Sunday Brunch looks huge, with fresh waffles, omelet station, shrimp etc., and is only $20. And it includes coffee.


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              Wow! Gotta love that price point. I'll check it out! Thanks!

            2. One other thought. You might check out one of the Korean AYCE places like Road to Seoul and see if you enjoy it. The price will be closer to what you are looking for and if you like meat you'll certainly be in the right place.

              See here for CH review: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/623716

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                That's a good idea! I'm a vegetarian though but I always find great veg food at Korean BBQ. I find it's a lot easier to go with a group though as a veg so I can eat all their extra veggies :) Thanks!

              2. one of the cheapest (but not necessarily chow worthy) is souplantation (i believe either weekends or sundays only)

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                  The OP did say "...but better than Souplantation and preferably not a chain. Thanks!!"

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                      Regardless, I still think in terms of bang for the buck, the Souplantation weekend breakfast fare is a pretty good value. And, really, better than 99% of the suggestions on this thread.

                      As an aside, I saw someone the other day make a Coke Float, using one of those big to-go plastic cups that Souplantation now has, Vanilla Soft-Serve, and Coke from the soda fountain, then to bring the whole thing over the top, the little tyke garnished the thing with a swirl of chocolate syrup.

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                        A giant coke float with chocolate syrup?

                        Now THAT's a good breakfast!

                        (And I am not being sarcastic, fyi. My husband shudders when I tell him of college breakfasts of Diet Coke and brownies. But hey, it got me to class!)

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                          Totally with you on that one, happybaker.

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                          sounds like another great "souplantation creation!"

                          my favorite, though, will always be the warm brownie in the soup bowl covered with soft serve garnished with crumbled warm chocolate chip cookies: great contrasts in flavor, texture, and temperature.

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                            I've never been to the SPT's (yes, I call it that) brunch, but based on their lunch/dinner, I'm sure the breakfast buffet is great. I've never had an issue with any of their food items, I've always found everything to be of good quality and freshness. SPT kinda rules.

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                              i owe souplantation big time.
                              as a single, working, mom
                              souplantation saved my life from the toddler years until my daughter graduated from elementary school.

                              basically, if one exercises a little bit of judgement, you can get tasty, healthful meals that will satisfy both adults and kids, practically instantaneously, for very little money.
                              given the quantity of salad that i like to have as a dinner entree, it was less expensive for us to eat at souplantation than to prepare the food at home.

                              no "nuggets" of any kind.
                              no promotion of highly processed food.
                              no promotion of deep fat fried food.
                              BAKED potatoes instead of french fries.
                              the set up was such, that greens, legumes, and vegetables got center stage. you have to go through the entire salad line before you even set eyes on the high carb items.

                              fresh fruit was always available as one of the dessert options.

                              plenty of variety.

                              also, the AYCE aspect was the topping on the cake.

                            2. re: ipsedixit

                              Ok, coke float sounds amazing. Haha. Maybe I'll give souplantation a try. I suppose I haven't been there for like 15 years, so maybe it's better than I remember!

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                                It's changed quite a bit since 15 years ago (heck, I haven't worked there for about 25 years!).

                                They have cereal, eggs, etc. during weekend brunch. Give it a try, who knows, and it's cheaper (and probably healthier) than 99% of the places mentioned thus far.

                                And, fuck, it's like 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x better than Burgers Continental.

                      2. If I remember correctly the Sunday bunch at Duke's Malibu is not a fortune and it has a wonderful ocean view from almost every seat.

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                          According to the woman who just answered at Duke's, the Sunday brunch buffet is $26.95 for adults, which includes a glass of juice. Stupid of them (and all restaurants) not to list the price on their websites.

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                            Thanks! Yeah that's not bad at all. Yeah I agree -- I wish everywhere had prices on the internet. It would save so much time!

                            1. re: alexisr

                              Always try to be of service. Can't leave Servorg responsible for all the searches and links.

                          2. re: wienermobile

                            Ooh, thanks! Definitely will try :)

                          3. Wow, I may have just the place...

                            A few years ago, I was put in charge of finding a place for Mother's Day brunch for my wife's semi-extended family, about 20+ people. Price was a factor as was proximity to the South Bay to attend a baptism of the newest infant members of my wife's full-extended family immediately after. Using Yelp and OpenTable, I managed to find a place that could accommodate our numbers, our timeframe, and our budget. And when we went, we were very pleasantly surprised by the food and the service, considering the cost, the fact that it's a buffet, and the fact that it was on a busy holiday.

                            It took me some hunting to find it again, but it was the Second Story restaurant in the Belamar hotel in Manhattan Beach (http://www.thebelamar.com/dining.php). They have a breakfast buffet every day, and it hits all your points (basics like eggs, bacon, sausage, made-to-order waffles, pancakes, etc.) and, at least according to the menu on their site dated last year (http://www.thebelamar.com/cms/pressro...), it's only $14.50/adult, $9/kid under 12.

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                              Wow! That looks great. Thanks so much! I knew I could find some gems on chowhound. I'll definitely check it out, thanks!

                            2. Surprise, surprise - I was pleasantly shocked to find an excellent breakfast brunch buffet (all the usual, plus custom omelets, lox, benes) for about $22 at the LAX Marriott - and excellent, friendly service.

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                                Yum! I'll definitely check that out too. I love how many options I have for breakfast buffets now!

                              2. Cafe Sierra at the Hilton Universal is around $23 for brunch; and the quality is comparable to the better Vegas buffets, like the Bellagio.

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                                  I went once during the week and it was disappointing. Perhaps, the weekend one is better.

                                  1. re: JAB

                                    It's been a little while since I've been there, and I've only been there on weekends.

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                                    Wow, awesome price and I'll definitely check that out. Thanks!!

                                  3. Thanks everyone! I knew LA could kick butt in the breakfast buffet department too :) I'm totally looking forward to trying ALL of these places, cause I love breakfast and I love new restaurants so I'm totally set for awhile, haha.

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                                      Please be sure to report your finding after a while, though I imagine it will take a little while to get through a few of these places.

                                      1. re: Ogawak

                                        I definitely will! You have all been such a huge help. I'll post back with all my favorites :)

                                    2. The smokehouse in Burbank.