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Map of deps with kitchens

Does anyone know if a map exists of the deps that prepare food? It'd be handy for those times that I need somethin quick and cheap.

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  1. Super Sandwich in Le Cartier on Peel/Sherbrooke.. amazingly good and cheap sandwiches on baguette for between 2.50-4.50. Chicken salad, tuna salad, ham and cheese are my favorites. Ive never ordered it but they have a home-pickled vegetable one for 1.75 or 2 dollars I think (its the cheapest).

    I have heard reports that a dep on the west side of Crescent below St Catherine serves really good poutine but I've never been myself.

    As for an existing map... I kind of doubt it.

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      that poutine is absolutely terrible. they advertise it as the city's best but they don't even use curds. they do have a full lunch counter.,

    2. Corner of St. Jacques and Walker (across the street from Lionel Groulx metro). Wide variety of fresh sandwiches and random Chinese food offerings including wonton soup and egg rolls.

      1. I started a map, hopefully we can get people to add to it:


        1. Depanneur Le Pickup near the Jean Talon market is a must for your map.

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            You should add it. It's extremely simple.

          2. I hate "voluntary dyslexia" ...

            I read "Maps of dead chickens"...

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              that would truly be useful.

              a comprehensive map like this would be killin'. keep adding those deps, peoples!

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                Years ago, drinking at the bar of a Mexican restaurant, the owner's wife comes out and says "I am sooory, the chicken is closed".
                We had laugh including the owner and his Columbian wife!

              2. Dep at 4493 Papineau - Thai Delice? O Thai? I forget - Serves up pad Thai and rolls.
                Also not a dep, but the Asian grocery store on Fort opposite PA sells pork buns, dumplings and tripe every now and again.

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                  I don't remember their name either but the cross street is Mount Royal and their rolls are pretty good.

                2. Good job starting a map. I wanted to start a map for so long but time is a factor for me.

                  1. Depanneur La Main 3644 Saint-Laurent, right next to the Subways in the Plateau. They now serve banh mis

                    1. So, I made a Facebook page for the map, that way you can be updated when something new gets added:


                      The more people we get liking the page the more complete the map will be. It's already looking good but it could be amazing.

                      1. Depanneur Crescent at 1350 de Maisonneuve W has a deli counter where they prepare fresh sandwiches and salads.

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                        1. Theres a "Depanneur 7 jours" (biere/vin froid) on Cotes-des-Neiges (5889 C-d-N?) just above Linton (next to Tim Hortons in corner of Clark Radiology Building).
                          They advertise Vietnames sandwiches and won tons.
                          I dearly wanted to try them, but it was early morning on my way to get MRI on bum knee....
                          I'd put it on the map, but since I haven't tried it, don't know if its worthy. Maybe someone can offer an opinion?

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                            I went in there once, hoping to order a sandwich, but I found the food counter so sad that I just left. IIRC they use those mushy sub rolls for the banh mi. That doesn't cut it for me.

                          2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned L'Express St-Zotique. They make some really great food.


                            1. there's also marche soupson and joe panini
                              the dep at jean talon and victoria has a java u

                              1. 1000 Rachel E. at Parc Lafontaine Ave: dep has a full counter/ hot trays set-up serving Chinese food. Quite a decent menu, too, about 6 to 10 mains (the typical stuff on discount lunch menus in Chinatown). $7 to 9 if I recall. Was there late, though, so I've never tried or even smelled or seen it, hence I'm not going to add it to the map.

                                A new dep on St-Laurent below Marie-Anne - pretty sure it's the spot that was Viva Vegan, 4148 St-Laurent - serves homemade Indian food: butter chicken and another chicken dish, $6 or $7. But aside from samosas, they're kept refrigerated in plastic containers, so not sure that counts as having a kitchen.