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Jun 20, 2013 12:42 PM

Dinner for July 4th in Vegas?

Hello all,

Planning a trip to Vegas for 4th of July weekend. We have a reservation at Raku for Friday the 5th, and I believe are going to go to Mastro's for Saturday the 6th. Does anyone have some recommendations for where to go for the 4th? Open to any type of food from casual to fancy, as long as its interesting and delicious. We're staying at the Cosmopolitan but can cab anywhere.

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  1. Usually, several of the strip resorts do a fireworks show off of their roofs. This year, it only looks like Caesars is doing it on the 4th. That being said, there might be a significant amount of foot traffic which would make a cab ride even more tedious than normal. In the interest of avoiding that mess, maybe stay on the property for dinner that night? There are a number of very good dining options at the Cosmo. If you did want to venture out, I wouldn't go farther north than the Bellagio.

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      Totally concur..
      Stay close to the Cosmo..getting around will be a nightmare.
      Jaleo or e..drinks at Chandelier bar is fab and have a couple of slices at the secret pizza spot on third floor.
      Make sure you hit up Lotus of Siam for lunch/dinner..sublime.

    2. I also agree with staying around the Cosmo / Aria area. I really like Julian Serrano for a casual but interesting meal.

      1. Another vote for Julian Serrano, although as a DC gal, I have a real fondness for Jose Andres, and I know he opened an outpost of Jaleo at The Cosmopolitan. While I haven't been to the Vegas location, it's always a good time and a good meal in DC.

        I've eaten at several Mastro's, and maybe it was just an off night, but I went to the Vegas outpost last year and was sorely disappointed. Service was below par, there was live music that was obtrusively loud, and the food was just not up to my previous meals at other locations. YMMV.