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Jun 20, 2013 12:38 PM

Dinner near Macalester College follow up

Just returned from a delightful trip to Macalester College and Minnesota! Thanks to everyone for your ideas!

My first off-campus meal was across the street from campus at the Italian Pie Shop. Just needed a little nosh. The Italian fries, thin pizza crust filled with cheese and pepperoni, were perfect with a pitcher of beer.

Later we went to the charming cheese shop down Grand, sadly I can't remember the name. Delightful selection, great service. They put together a lovely cheese plate for us to share.

Dinner that night was at Salut American Bar. We had a pre-set menu, so I don't think we had a good sample of their offerings. Even so, the slider apps, crab cakes and cheese plate were delightful. The French onion soup and steak frites were good but not notable. The raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream was amazing.

Lots of institutional meals--the hot dish appetizers of ground beef, cheese and tator tots in a phyllo cup were my favorite--before dinner at Joan's on he Park. What a charming restaurant! The food was creative, thoughtful and delicious all around. We tried most of the seafood dishes to great success. My entree, the pork tenderloin win potato purée, greens and a maple reduction, was my favorite. I'd strongly recommend Joan's to anyone.

My last off-campus meal was lunch at Shish. Excellent Mediterranean food. I shared a spanikotipta and gyro, both were great. I did not share my baklava, which was awesome.

I hope to return soon to try more local places instead of college food. It was a wonderful trip!

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  1. Thanks for the post and the report on where you went and what you ate. Too few people do that here on these boards so it is much appreciated. I'm really glad that you had a great time.

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    1. re: Db Cooper

      Glad to do it! And I agree. I think that if you ask for advice, it's your duty to report back. That give and take makes this community so helpful.

    2. Ditto what Db Cooper said.

      Regarding cheese, if you are referring to the place just east of the campus, it was the St. Paul Cheese Shop. They are a younger sibling to France 44, which has been a well-regarded place here in MSP for quite a few years.

      They make fantastic sandwiches as well if you're keeping notes for next time.

      Thanks again.

      1. If you have occasion to return to the Italian Pie Shoppe (graduation?), I recommend their deep dish (unless you're allergic to deep dish or just plain hate the deep dish).

        The cheese shop on Grand is France 44's Cheese Shop on Grand. It has a relatively small selection of extremely good cheeses and they make some nice sandwiches, and they carry very interesting cured meat products (charcuterie?). my only critique of their sandwiches is that the crust is a bit tough.

        I don't care for Salut. I'd rather eat at Brasa or Indochin or Shish on Grand Ave.

        1. Thanks for following up. And I'm glad you got to Joan's and gave it some love. I was there this past Tuesday for another great meal. Their scallop and smoked tomato gazpacho starter is a great dish. I usually get steak because Susan cooks them so well, but I'll try the pork tenderloin now.

          And MSPD is spot on about the sammies at St. Paul Cheese shop. Some of the best around.

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          1. re: Brad Ballinger

            Next time you are there, tip them off to Chowhound. I told them that's how I found their restaurant, and they said that they'd never heard of the site.