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Jun 20, 2013 10:48 AM

Local strawberries- Who has the best? or are they all similar?

Would like to try some local strawberries. Thinking of Marini Farms Ipswich or possibly Tendercrop or Wilson. Do they vary much? Do they tend to be sweet or tart, and how are they different than the non local ones? thanks

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  1. Because they are coming from small farms and, therefore, a less standardized product, I think that you will find tremendous variation in local strawberries from vendor to vendor, farm to farm, and even day to day (based on the weather). I've purchased berries from Stillman's at the Copley market and at the Allandale Farm stand so far this year. Neither were quite sweet/ripe enough for my taste, which I chalk up mostly to the overly rainy weather we have been suffering. I suspect that by next week the berries will improve, but its very difficult to generalize.

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      My farmer's market had lackluster ones last week; they looked lovely, but were not particularly flavorful.

    2. If you pick your own or buy them where they are picked they won't look like the southern or western berries like Driscoll. They'll be smaller, rounder and redder and oh so sweet. I was just talking to someone from Hanson farm in Framingham and they moved the berries last year and lost them so I need a new source.


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        Yeah, it's the difference between boxwine and something estate-bottled! Unfortunately can't help you with an EMass source, but if you get out to WMass, Nourse Farms in Whately (which develops strains and sells berry plants to many PYOs) has my very favorite PYO (and strawberries are only the start of it).

      2. Picked some great strawberries at Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon just 10 days ago before all the rain. I bet that with a couple of days like today to dry them out they will be great again.

        1. Mann's in Methuen is advertising local strawberries. Haven't tried yet. Laschi Farm in Methuen has delicious strawberries...incredibly sweet and lovely.

          1. Sunnycrest Farms in Londonderry, NH has great pick your own strawberries, and other fruit later in the season. We go up there every weekend during the strawberry season.