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Jun 20, 2013 10:20 AM

Soft Shell Crabs in Chinatown

Where should I go for soft shell crabs in Chinatown? I know Peach Farm is a perennial Chowhound fave but are there places I should try?

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  1. Have you tried the Peach Farm version. If not, I would try them first before you go exploring other options. They are a bit expensive but I don't think the other places selling them for $14.95 and the like are using fresh (never frozen) crabs. The difference is significant.

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    1. re: markin617

      I have had the Peach Farm version and liked them very much. I wanted a backup plan in case there's an lengthy wait to get into Peach Farm, as there often is.

      1. re: markin617

        Went to peach farm at 2am last night, they wanted me to pay $21.95 for soft shell crap, eek

        1. re: divinebaboon

          how many and how big?

          much as a love them, they are so easy to prepare that i rarely eat them at a restaurant - except bought a crab sandwich for my SO at BT's.

          1. re: cambridgedoctpr

            cambridgedoctpr: This preparation is made up of cut up pieces, so it's hard to tell what they started out as. However, it is a reasonably generous portion.

          2. re: divinebaboon

            Now that's interesting because I went to Peach Farm on Friday night and asked if they had fresh soft shell crabs. They said no, that they'd been really hard to get and they wouldn't have any more until Monday.

            We wound up at New Jumbo Seafood and the soft shell crabs were not very good, crispy but not salty or spicy.

        2. 2 well recommended alternatives for cantonese seafood are New Jumbo Seafood and East Ocean city. Both are good, however I've only had the soft shells at Peach farm, so I can't vouch for either.

          1. I've had soft shells many times at Taiwan Cafe and enjoyed them.