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Jun 20, 2013 09:31 AM

Auckland lunches with kids

We'll be in Auckland with our twin toddlers in tow. We're getting them used to restaurants but dinners are still difficult and that's why we're looking for lunches.

Could you advise me some places with great food that we'd enjoy that would at the same time, be friendly to kids (high chairs, toys, friendly staff) and would have quick service? We all like fish but I'm a bit fed up with fish&chip shops, so other preparations are better. Otherwise steak or Italian or a general NZ cafe style would be great.

Also, I'd be looking for some amazing take aways or delivery restaurants. Do you know any? Anything that would keep well until the kids are in bed and we can enjoy a glass of wine with our dinner...

Thanks for any tips! We'll be staying at the edge of CBD and Parnell but we can drive around if it's not too far or if it's really great.

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  1. McHugh's on Cheltenham Beach in Devonport.
    But pick a nice day.
    The place is a an "event venue" with very good food for the type. The restaurant is buffet and lunch only ; the food has fallen off a bit because of rising costs. But still very worthwhile and location more than compensates.
    Reserve a table by a window. Bring sand stuff for the kids.
    Plan on walking around in Devonport.
    When I go I feel exhilarated as if on vacation.
    Trust me!

    1. Hi Hope it's not too late. The Auckland Fish Market is great for kids as there is lots of space and a sand pit. If you have a car, Kohu Road Creamery in Portage Road is only 10 mins from the CBD and has a great cafe for kids.

      There are so many great takeaway restaurants, most Asian styles have take away. Zap4 Thai in Commerce St is very good, Parnel has lots of take out.