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Jun 20, 2013 09:26 AM

Anniversary dinner--Birchrunville, Henry's, or Funky Lil Kitchen--or other

Upcoming anniversary dinner planning. Any suggestions or recent preferences between Birchrunville, Henry's Cafe, or Funky Lil Kitchen? Thinking not in the mood to drive into Philly but could be convinced.

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  1. If you're considering Birchrunville for a Saturday evening, they're booked (at least) through the end of August.

    1. I really like Henry's Café and I think it's a great place to celebrate an anniversary. Frank's seafood dishes are the best around.

      Have you considered Majolica or Becca's in Phoenixville?

      I also enjoy the Kimberton Inn special occasions -- while the food is not adventurous, the atmosphere and service are top notch.

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          Yep. Book early, even for a week night.

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            forgive the previous quick reply....didn't have time.

            I haven't been to the other two...but Birchrunville is a perfect restaurant to me. For what it's worth, I'm in the business. That certainly shouldn't mean anything to anyone...but I will say that I've never had anything but a perfect experience at this place. The service is solid, the setting is wonderful (if that's your thing) The dining room is comfortable, pretty and doesn't distract. The food is paced well, portions are excellent and the price is right. Could easily be charging 20% more if it was in the city. No fussy, foo-foo dishes. You'll never say: "not enough lobster in this....I wish it had more sauce...what IS that?...or, where's the beef?" Most importantly (to me...) I've never seen a dish that wasn't prepared and plated exactly as it is should be. Just solid execution. Great technique, classic feeling dishes minus the cobwebs.

            ...and if it's still on the menu....have the butterscotch cake for dessert. If you eat this and don't immediately feel happy and content, you're either scrooge or the grinch.

              1. re: GreaseFire

                And THAT is why reservations are so hard to come by!

            1. Here's a no-brainer for Birchrunville.
              However, they are only open from Wed - Sat and, as Jan said, they are booked solid for months now on Saturdays.
              Also they are cash only and BYOB.

              1. I really do love Birchrunville, and I rarely plan well enough in advance to get a reservation for a Saturday. BUT, I've had fairly good luck calling early on a Saturday morning and leaving a message asking about last-minute availability. Since reservations are made so far in advance, cancellations on the day-of are not uncommon, so a party of two or four stands a decent chance of grabbing a spot. For a group of six -- VERY unlikely since there are only a couple of tables that will seat that many.