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Jun 20, 2013 09:11 AM

Sunday Solo [Monterey, Carmel Valley]

I'm going to the Monerey area this Sunday for a work event at Carmel Valley Ranch that starts at 6pm. My flight gets in at around 9:30am and I don't hold out hope that I'll be able to check into my room earlier than say 2pm or 3pm. I'll have a car (flying into the Monterey airport and picking it up there), so I figure I should try to have breakfast somewhere, then maybe some exploring or shopping or wine tasting, then a later lunch before heading to the resort. Does anyone have any recommendations for breakfast and lunch? Also, does anyone have favorite wineries around there? Thanks!

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  1. Can you edit your title to put in the location where you want this info, like you did in the body of your post? Helps people in the know to respond better.

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      The edit function is operable for only two hours after posting. But earlier this morning, I used the "flag" to ask the moderators to amend the title with the locations. Usually this happens pretty soon after the request, but they must be short-handed today. Everyone is encouraged to do the same when a post title does not state geography --- use the "flag" and make the request.

    2. Carmel Belle for breakfast. For lunch, what kind of food do you like?

      And a warning, we had a very disappointing breakfast at First Awakenings in Pacific Grove last month. The only thing that made the food palatable was smothering it with Pepper Plant hot sauce!

      1. After breakfast and shopping in Carmel, I would head out to Carmel Valley for some wine tasting. Here is a list of the few wineries there. They are small, personal and fun.
        I would suggest two places for lunch. All the wineries and restaurants are close together, so no driving problem.
        Café Rustica
        Corkscrew Café
        The Carmel Valley Ranch is just a few miles back toward hwy 1.

          1. Check out Georis and Talbott for wine tasting. :)