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Jun 20, 2013 09:07 AM


Any nice place with decent food around the area? Don't need upscale but the nicer the better food the better. TIA.

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  1. You could go to Davio's at Patriot Place. I like Cafe Della Nonna in Mansfield.

    1. Go to Tastings. It's in Patriot Place across from CBS Scene. Great food. Beautiful plates. Local ingredients.

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        Second Tastings. Have had several really good meals there.

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          Third Tastings. Best restaurant in the area, and healthiest too. Most of the others are just variations of Sysco industrial food. I usually go with the chefs tasting menu and never regretted it. Great wine pairings or, good beer also available.

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            "perhaps the conditions on the ground have changed."

            Boy have they ever... You're not in Schaeffer Stadium anymore, it has become a corporate MAN MALL featuring Bass Pro Shops and many other distractions to sukk your bucks.

            Been here for over 30 yrs, and although I'd say that Lafayette House has remained consistent quality wise, but the competition has definitely increased, as in Olive Garden (puke) across the street now, Lucianos is definitely better option than that. Decent fresh seafood at Skipjacks. I miss Spaghetti Eddies.

            Oh, and Sichuan Gourmet in Sharon is just excellent especially if you like spicy, multi textured asian food.

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              Luciano's is another place I remember folks going for adult oriented affairs. I knew that patriot place made things a lot different, I just figured it might still be decent and potentially overlooked option

          2. There's a bunch of options in Patriot's Place. Up the road toward Walpole/Norwood, you have Bon Caldo and Sky which I remember as being tasty. And down the road, you have Luciano's - which is Italian.

            There's also an Old Country Buffet in Walpole.

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              Grant, this is CHOWHOUND. How in the world can anyone recommend a factory cafeteria food place like OCB? There's also a McDonalds less than a mile away. OK, back to my cave now...

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                Perfect reply--even the judicious use of all CAPS. One of my favorires ever on CH. I mean it!

                BTW-No disrespect to Grant intended, just love the perfect pitch of your reply.

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                  I was being a bit flip.. I used to work in the area, and never set foot in the place. I will confess to hitting the Taco Bell there on the corner occasionally.

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                    I should have known! Tone/inflection can get lost is this sort of medium.

            2. Tavolino in Patriots Place is a go-to for me. Good food. The scene changes from families to mostly adults as the night goes on.

              If you are looking for some short drive options beyond Patriots Place...

              Sichuan Gourmet in Sharon is less than 5 mins from Foxboro Center. Not upscale, but excellent food in a basic setting.

              Coriander in Sharon (about 10 mins) is a very good Indian restaurant with some unique Nepali dishes.

              I'll second Davios and Della Nonna. I wouldn't bother with Sky and Bon Caldo - both are fine but nothing special about either.

              1. This advice isn't particularly timely as it dates back to when I grew up in a neighboring town, but the lafayette house was a place that was considered to be a cut above the rest. Considering that was ~25 years ago perhaps the conditions on the ground have changed.