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Jun 20, 2013 08:40 AM

Inn at Little Washington - Reasonable lodging nearby?

I'm splurging on the Inn at Little Washington for my anniversary dinner in October. But I can't splurge on staying overnight there (even the $400 rooms are sold out, leaving only a $600 option). I wanted to stay nearby, but even the b&bs are $300 a night. Any recommendations for a nice hotel, inn, or b&b within a short drive that won't break the bank (after we have such an expensive meal)?

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  1. The Foster Harris House is 150 yds down the road. Nice rooms, friendly owners, superb breakfast.

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      Plus 1 for Foster Harris House. We've stayed there for a bicycle trip they hold and dinner at the Inn at Little Washington. The breakfast at Foster Harris House is amazing. Owners are very nice.

    2. Do a search for B&Bs in Flint Hill, VA. I know that Caledonia Farm has rooms for two in the $140 range, and Flint Hill Public House may be available in the same range.

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        Thank you, you are a lifesaver! Just booked a room at the Flint Hill Public House. $185!

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          Just to close this loop, we stayed at the Flint Hill Public House and it was perfect. Modern, clean rooms with comfortable beds. 9 minutes from the Inn at Little Washington and about 1/4 the price. Highly recommend.

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            If you're looking for an off season get away, keep checking the Flint Hill Public house. We were there for lunch last winter (Feb??) and they had some crazy special on the room and (In think breakfast). I don't remember the details, but I do remember being surprised at what a good deal it was. Of course it was the middle of winter so a lot of things you'd do this time of year weren't happening