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Where can I get the best DISH in the outer boroughs??

I'm talking the best plate of food. Could be any food, Jamaican, Irish, American, etc. Really any nationality. And any food, just as long as I can eat it. Where is the absolute BEST dish in the 4 other boroughs???? Please no Manhattan!

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  1. A Nathan's Hot dog, fries and a Hires Root beer on the Coney Island boardwalk is as close to heaven as I can imagine.
    On July 4th of course!!

    1. I ate at a bunch of places before I left NYC for good, and the dish that still haunts me is the arroz con pollo (the one from the menu, NOT the weekly special) from Rincón Criollo in Corona. It'll be one of the dishes I will make sure to have whenever I find myself back in NYC.

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        Wow -- that speaks volumes coming from you. I'll push Rincón Criollo to the top of my Queens list.

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          Here's a more detailed write-up. Let us know how you liked it.

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            Is this the $24 for two listed on line? If so can I get a single person order?

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              Yup, that's the one. I'm sure you can order it for one, though you'll probably get some "are you sure?" comments. It's enough rice for 4, along with other items. But if that's all you're ordering, you might be able to polish off half or more. I'm sure it's fine to pack up the rest and bring home.

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                ok, I'll have leftovers. Yes we miss you on the outer board

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          The atmosphere alone is reason to go to Rincon. Great place.

        3. How is this question even answerable? it would be suspect, at best, if you had specified the best [insert dish name] because it would invite endless debate over what characteristics define [dish name]. to delimit this even further opens up a black hole of subjectivity. im not even sure i could name a single favorite plate of food for me, personally, being wholly aware of my own preferences and tastes (fluctuating as they may be). answering this question for someone else - without any constraints or understanding of the judging parameters - seems impossible.

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            Folks, we removed a bunch of posts from here. We request, but don't require bloggers and journalists to disclose when they're planning on using information from a question in an article and even if the poster is planning to use this info to help plan tours, this seems pretty similar to that.

            If you don't want to help, that's totally understandable, and you're welcome to skip the question, but if you are going to respond, please keep the focus on the food and not on whether or how the question should have been asked.

          2. Well, obviously it would be dinner any night of the week at my place in Queens. Sorry, not taking reservations.

            1. Muslim lambchop at Fu Run

              1. Just went to Traif in Brooklyn this weekend and it was great. The broccoli rabe dish with the portobello mushroom, truffled Texas toast And the sunny side up egg was one of the front runners. Also the big eyed tuna tartare with crispy eggplant was not to miss and neither were the blistered shishito peppers with the cantaloupe and feta salad.

                1. I would be very interested to hear an answer from you to your own question Jeff!

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                    Already answered. Got removed. Short answer: stupid question, just fishing. Maybe burger frm Lic market. Full Disclosure: I was born in 1981 to two parents hailing from queens, ny. Grew up in wantagh, ny with one brother named Jonathan. Excelled in math, science, English, computer science in school. Did not excel in art or music. Went to school upstate. Involved in television station, student government in leadership roles. Worked at geico for one month out of college until fired. Worked at local tv station in Long Island for 8 years. Parked cars for two days at us open. Sold vinyl records for one year. Worked at Internet startup similar to YouTube for one year. Moved to woodside, queens. Led Jackson heights food group. Created ambassador program. Coproduced viva la comida festival on 82nd street. Run food tours along Roosevelt avenue. Work in tv news production. Is 5'9" tall, 150 lbs.

                    I hope the background check will allow me to continue posting on this board. Eh I don't care either way, im banning this site for 3 months.

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                      My issue with your post had nothing to do with your professional experience and everything to do with the totally delimited nature of your request.

                      you want: food. that is from some place (so, anything). that is edible (see first requirement).

                      maybe im unusual in my distaste for the word "best" but i really dont think you provided enough information (about your criteria, not work background) for this question to be answerable.

                      The lamb fat kebabs at Cheburechnaya are super interesting, very tasty, and i enjoyed them greatly when i ate them. They are edible, from uzbekistan, and food.

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                        Jeffsayyes... don't ever give up. this site don't like anything but things I cant write here and i'm with you 100%

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                            The burger from LIC Market is very good.

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                            Hey Jeff. I get your annoyance at what happened earlier in this thread. However, I'm not sure I get the purpose of you asking the question in the first place. If you think it was stupid, why did you ask?

                            I think the question "What is your favorite dish in the outer boroughs" could lead to an interesting discussion. But if you were asking just to see what kind of "reaction" you would get, then I don't know why you were surprised to get a negative reaction.

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                              "Eh I don't care either way, im banning this site for 3 months."

                              Thanks for the heads up. You've done that before. CH survived.

                              "And any food, just as long as I can eat it. "

                              What does that even mean?

                          3. I missed something in the dynamic here, so I am just going to answer the question as I read it - best food item to eat in the boroughs. Pizza at Di fara. Trite maybe but true in my opinion. I can't choose between round or square. No special toppings. Usually I get a round pie and a couple of square slices.