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Jun 20, 2013 07:59 AM

Favorite Sushi Joint in Boston? Out of Boston?

Looking for a sushi place that is intimate, VERY delicious, and perfect for two. What is your favorite place inside Boston? Outside of Boston (we're willing to make an <1hour drive)? Which is better?

*would be nice if there was a place to sit at the bar with exciting and friendly chefs

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  1. Top choice would be Oishii,Too in Sudbury (with the caveat that I haven't been in over a year but it was always amazing and fits your description to a T)

    O Ya would be the very upscale (and expensive) Boston pick for me, and Sushi Island in Wakefield has always been good, but is more casual feeling - the live music at times is a nice addition.

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      Second Oishii Too. OP perfectly describes it in their request. High Quality, urban style, quiet. Just happens to be in a basement level spot in Sudbury.

        1. re: TommyJayDee

          The three Oishii restaurants are very different from each other. They all feature very good to excellent dishes, top quality fish, and expert sushi chefs. I would generally recommend Boston and CHill, but not for the OPs request.

          Boston - Huge fancy restaurant. Special night out. Very expensive. Fancier rolls would include truffles and gold leaf (no joke). Competes with O Ya for top end of sushi market.

          Chestnut Hill - Oringinal spot. Bright, but stripped down look inside. 20 or less total seats. Line out the door. Excellent specials. Simple menu. Go on a nice night when you are not in a rush and you can have an excellent experience waiting in a friendly, neighborhood-y line.

          Sudbury - Sleek and intimate. Quiet, dark space. Small menu - probably very similar to Chestnut Hill. Good specials. Great date spot.

          Hope that helps. I just realized the choppy text reads like a Zagat review. Didn't intend that, or I would have overused quotation marks.

    2. We just were discussing Ebi Sushi in Union Square in Somerville - it hits all your criteria but one. Intimate. Although, my husband and I sit at the sushi bar and have a wonderful and intimate experience because we tend to tune out our surroundings and vibe on our own fun - so based on our experiences I *would* even venture to call it intimate - it just is not lush.

      The sushi, however, is top notch! I'd give it a go. 15 minutes max from downtown Boston driving.

      Here is the thread where we discuss it:

      And here is the ebi sushi website:

      1. Fish Market in Allston is very good as well. Owners are former Oishii chefs who opened their own restaurant together.