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Kosher Non-Dairy Almond Dream low-fat yogurt lined labeled OU D?

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I just saw these. Don't know if it's old news. The line includes mixed berry, vanilla, strawberry and coconut. It did not say DE so I don't understand why it is being labeled D. Does anyone know? I will also try to find out.

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  1. OU doesn't give a DE certification.

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      Yes, if something is made on dairy equipment, the OU will label it OU-D even if it contains no dairy at all. You can email them to ask what's really DE (eg most Haagen-Dasz sorbets, Oreo cookies).

      1. re: GilaB

        Specifically, the normal Oreos and Double Stuf. The OU won't commit to anything other than those two varieties being DE.

        1. re: masteraleph

          They won't commit even to that, since it could change at any time. All they'll tell you when you ask is that *at the moment* these two varieties contain only pareve ingredients, and are D only because of the equipment they're made on.

          1. re: zsero

            I had wanted to make a "yogurt sauce" for grilled chicken with these yogurts.

            1. re: cappucino

              If I recall correctly, I have seen totally parve yogurts. I think they are coconut milk based. If it helps, I would have seen them in Fairway (Douglaston).

              1. re: queenscook

                Thank you. I will look for them. I tasted the Almond Dream. Not a fan.