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Ruby Tuesday Theory

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I think it says something good about Houston that almost all of the Ruby Tuesday restaurants have closed down.

Based on my limited U.S. travels I've noticed that if a Ruby Tuesday is shut down, there is generally some good food available nearby. If the Ruby Tuesday is crowded, drive to the next town.

Anyone else notice this, or have I been driving too long without a break?

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  1. Well if you are driving through Texas and see one open at all, then you have made a wrong turn somewhere. They have totally pulled out of Texas. For good reason, their food sucks, if I want that atmosphere and quality, I will go to Chili's.

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    1. re: Marcus

      Reminds me of Red Robin - same thing.

      Funny that Dallas is King of the Chains.

      Read an article recently about how well Chilis, Friday's, etc. do up there compared to other cities.

      Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm.

      1. re: MidtownCoog

        Dallas is the king of chains because nobody cooks in this town. Never a line at the store, always a wait at Chilis.

        1. re: Marcus

          Last I saw, Houston was the Fattest City in the country and ate out more than any other city in the nation as well. I think that speaks well of us!

          Difference is, Houstonians prefer a more unique dining experience to the chains like Chili's...

          1. re: Jesse James

            You're kidding right. Houston is full of chains! It's not like it's Manhattan or something.

            1. re: Jesse James

              Now please dont take this the wrong way I am by no means a food snob .....but did you just imply that chilis is a unique dining experience?

      2. This actually applies to other chains, that once in my youthful folly I enjoyed, such as On The Border. Pulled out of Houston, but was one of the new arrivals in Raleigh, N.C. several years ago when I visited. I think the Landry's and related chains should be the next to go...seriously mundane food when you look past the atmosphere.

        1. I was at a Ruby Tuesday's outside Boston. It was late at night, we wanted a snack before bed, and it was the closest place to the hotel.

          Well, we ordered soup, which was cold, and cheesecake, which was hot (they had to microwave it because it was frozen). Never laughed so hard in my life.

          1. Well you're all wrong. They pulled out of TX because they bought back some of their franchises. But with 850 restaurants, it's barely a blip on the radar.

            1. There are still 30 restaurants in the Texas area and I can only assume that those cable channels reach a broad audience, including those with a RT's nearby. I'm guessing. I have to say, the barage of commercials we get around here (with about 20 of them in a 20-mile radius) is quite annoying.

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                Maybe they built 30 new chains in the last 4 years.

              2. I actually don't mind Ruby Tuesday, Hamburger Hamlet or Red Robin. It's a big step up from the usual chains and while there's a wealth of great, cheap, ethnic food around here (the SFV) sometimes you just want a burger.

                The lines alone at the "usual" non-chain burger places are off-putting.

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                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  Lines *usually* mean good food though...

                2. I just get irritated when I see their commercials in SoCal, and the nearest I can find isn't anywhere near here. HELLO?? and it's the only one in the state!

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                    LOL. . .brekkie, you are the first person I've ever met who was irritated that they COULDN'T find a Ruby Tuesday! :-D

                    1. re: Covert Ops

                      yeah, i'm scary like that. i just think of it more as false advertising. that's what i get for being engaged to a lawyer.....darn train of thought!! oh, and i did like the one time i went to one, i think it was in Rhode Island? I dunno, i do remember liking Houlihans in Atlanta much better.

                  2. There are about 20 Ruby Tuesdays in California, but only a couple in SoCal right now. More coming soon.

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                    1. re: Turtle177

                      tell that to their website. they list only one within 200mi of SF! Jeez, they must all be in in Chico or something.

                      1. re: Turtle177

                        Really? Where? Their website has one up north of Sacramento, and that's it.

                        Are you sure you're not thinking of Ruby's Diner?

                      2. I've been to three of four Ruby Tuesday's in the Philly area and have had good experiences with every one. Certainly one of the better chains, IMO. The turkey burger is quite good and my best friend swears by the mini-burgers. Service is typically top notch. Each time I have gone with my toddler, they have been very attentive and supportive, always offering to bring her food a little sooner, let me sub items on the kids selections, etc.

                        1. Funny...until two weeks ago, I'd not stepped foot in a Ruby Tuesdays for ten years. Because of flight delays and the like, we arrived in Raleigh too late to (1) go some place "real", and (2) too tired to care. There was a RT across from our hotel, so we paid a visit. I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised. The food was really good, the service wonderful - and the coffee quite nice.

                          I guess it just goes to show that every one of a chain's branch is different.


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                            I stopped there in Chicago on my way home during a blizzard. The only negative was that the menu was pretty limited. The salad bar was quite excellent and the service above average. First experience at Ruby Tuesday's.

                          2. Never been to Ruby Tuesday's - the commercials make it look good, but I heard that the burgers have at least 1400 calories and the beef is of the quality and the insurance policy is such that well done is the only choice. I like my burger bloody :(

                            Plus, they all seem to be attached to a mall. Snobby yes, but I hate the mall and food-related items near them. (typically) Prefer boutiques/independent stores/etc.