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Jun 20, 2013 06:24 AM

Lobster tail - black glump

Purchased some cooked lobsters and when I removed the tail they were full of black glump. I'm familar with roe in the tail but I have never experienced this dark black substance. Returned the tails to the store and they said they checked with their supplier and it was natural and not unusual. I have never seen it before; what is your experience and do you know what it was? Would you have eaten the lobster tails?

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  1. Can you describe it in more detail?

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    1. re: JMF

      As described below by Veggo I would say black slime. The lobsters were cooked so I don't understand how it would be uncooked roe or tomalley.

    2. We discussed this here some years ago, without a definitive answer. Some wondered if it is the early growth stage of roe or tomalley.
      To JMF, it is best described simply as black slime. I have encountered it quite a few times, I scrape it off the tail meat strands with the back of a knife. No negative effects.

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        Veggo, my friend, what kind of lobsters have black slime?

        When I was still in my lowercase days, Dad, "Did a favor for a guy." Now keep in mind, Dad wore a badge to pay the bills and we live in Jersey. Maybe, you get it?

        Well, Mom picks me up from school one afternoon. A rare day when I didn't need to use the key under the rock.

        There's water leakin' out from the garage when we pull up. Mom's a bit freaked, but, she lets me go open the door.

        There were dozens of lobsters inside. I was jumpin' up and down. She goes inside and calls neighbors to see if they "might be interested?" I don't think she paid for a bottle of wine that entire summer.

        A coupla years later, Dad got me a job on the same guy's boat pullin' traps. I went to college 'cause I realized how shitty that life was. I think that was why Dad got me the job.

        This is all a really long winded way of sayin' I know lobsters. I have eaten hundreds of 'em. Cooked four times more. I've almost had a big fucker take off my finger when I was tryin' to put on the bands. But, I ain't never seen no black shit.

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          MGZ & Nyleve - I'll never understand how a couple more minutes of cooking would turn liquid black slime into bright red coral which is dense enough to pick apart with a fork. But I have dealt with both without an issue. The green stuff, too.

          1. re: Veggo

            I've simply never seen the black shit. As I said, I've fished 'em, banded 'em. steamed 'em, boiled 'em, grilled 'em. cleaned 'em. and served 'em. Shit, one night when I was a kinda drunk, I may have even tried to smoke one.

            Maybe you should let me get you your next lobster, my friend? It is the animal I know best,

            By the way, however, I'm not a fan of the roe. It's like goin' down on a girl who didn't shower.

            1. re: MGZ

              Mgz u must of went lobstering with a dub. Been catching the cock roaches for 30+ yrs seen thousands that have black shit in or under the tail. It's the early part of the female lobster putting her eggs on. ( not roe ) after she gets the black shit (eggs) from her lobster vagina her little swimmers under her tail move that black shit ( eggs) into the final resting place under her tail. The eggs then absorb water and swell up and no longer look like black shit (eggs). It's edible Take the eggs and put them on crackers along with the tomalie. And a tiny drop of cider vinegar. It's good.

      2. There is nothing wrong with your lobster! It is just the uncooked eggs that haven't yet moved down to the tail. If you put that black gooey stuff in the microwave it would cook and turn red. (found on internet)

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        1. Where did the bugs come from?

          1. So a few years ago we had a lobsterfest and were cooking maybe 25 lobsters in a large iron pot over a fire outdoors. Anyway, the guys in charge of cooking were trying so hard not to overcook the things that I think they undercooked them by a few minutes - resulting in black stuff instead of the red coral that should have been in them. Some people were horrified and said there was something wrong with the lobsters. The rest of us just scraped the black off and ate the rest. Yes, they should have cooked them a bit longer and the black goo would have turned red.