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Jun 20, 2013 06:23 AM

Grilling...serving dilemma

DH decided he wanted to do a family get together, we'll have around 10 people. Great, I figured, throw chicken kebobs and London broil on the grill, make some salads, done. However, he informed me that he has no desire to be cooking while the guests are over. His solution was to cook the stuff in the morning and reheat. Obviously, he's oblivious to the fact that reheating something grilled which has been in the fridge a couple of hours is not a good thing.
Plan B...I'm thinking I can still do the chicken kebabs if they are on skewers with veg to keep them moist and reheat (covered, sprinkle some broth to moisten) in the oven.
Grilled flank steak...what do you think about serving it room temp with chimichurri and/or salsa? I'd keep it whole after grilling, refrig, and slice before serving.
I just really didn't want to have all "cold" foods for dinner.

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  1. I'd say you're on the right track with serving at room temp. Might want to consider skirt steak, easy to cook and very tasty.

    1. he has an interesting perspective on grilling. :)

      as you say, the flank steak is fine at room temp.

      instead of kebabs, perhaps something more like satay? you can cook them and store them, then reheat with a lot of flavorful sauce in the oven. but, frankly? these cook so quickly you may as well just cook them at the last minute.

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        I agree with cooking at the last minute. Shortly before the guests arrive, cook the flank steak and kabobs (or satay) and let them rest on platters under foil. They will be moist and fine at a warmish-room temp.

        Personally, I would not cook much earlier and put in the refrigerator.

      2. To us, half the fun of having people around this time of year is the lingering around the grill with glasses of wine. It's not like you're planning on cooking whole chickens, your kebabs and beef won't take long at all.

        1. Are YOU willing to be grill-master for the event? He's right that it's not fun for him to be grilling (getting smoked, worrying about timing, needing to clean grates / handle hot coals afterwards, worrying about any small children and hot grill) when it's his family that's there and he wants to be enjoying conversations with them.

          Warming already grilled meats is perfectly fine, both for safety and quality, if you have some sauces/marinades to help keep them moist.

          1. Flank steak also makes a nice dinner salad with apples and Bleu cheese.