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Jun 20, 2013 05:06 AM


Better to reserve on the second floor or wait in line to eat downstairs?


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  1. Eat downstairs and dress, even if you miss the jacket requirement. times

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    1. re: hazelhurst

      I suspected as much (and I always dress up for dinner...)

      Thanks for your help!

      1. re: thelonious777

        Glad to have you on board. if you go at an off-hour there will be no line. so no waiting in the heat. your sartorial consideration is appreciated by the regulars. Since May 29, 1453, ( The Fall of Constantinople) it has been a fight to maintain civilization.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          This is seriously the best comment I have ever read on Chowhound.

    2. I like Downstairs ... Unique and old Nawlins!

      1. Downstairs is the Galatoires experience and worth the wait - enjoy! Sazerac + Oysters Rockefeller + Trout Amandine = Happiness!

        1. For me, it's about MY time.

          Having dined both downstairs (and on Friday for lunch), and upstairs, I like the reservations, and seating upstairs, BUT I have done both. I find that I have less, and less time, to stand in line, and the same goes for my guests.

          If one has never dined downstairs, then the line is a must, to experience the tableau. Hazelhurst makes some great points, and offers a useful tip, about times/dates.

          I also agree on the dress, regardless of a stated, enforced "dress code," but that is probably just us.


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          1. re: Bill Hunt


            Meant to pass on the sad news that "Dot" Domilise died a couple of weeks ago. I think I read she was 90. Christmas won't be the same without her hanging her little decorations from the ceiling tiles..

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Oh, no. I hadn't heard.

              Bless her good heart. She certainly had a long and active life.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                Thank you for that sad news.

                You are correct, it will be hard to fill her shoes.