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Best wings in Philly?

My son is heading to sleepaway camp this weekend and has one request before he leaves: wings! I have no idea where to go for this one. All suggestions welcome, preferably in Center City. Thanks :)

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  1. Probably the first place that comes to mind for a lot of people is Moriarty's (11th and Walnut). Irish pub, hot wings, and they are large (which isn't always a plus in my book... ).

    If you want a different take on wings, Federal Donuts is now serving wings.. so you are getting something close to a Korean Fried chicken with them.

    Or you could go out to Cafe Soho in Cheltenham or Cafe Soho II in Blue Bell for the real deal in Korean Fried chicken wings..

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      Second Moriarty's. Their wings are still my husband's benchmark.

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        The wings at Soho in bluebell are swoonworthy. I probably will regret mentioning this but sometimes I score wings at Assi as well. You have to time it right though.

      2. Not exactly what you're looking for but for everyone else -- try the wings at Bubba's Texas BBQ in Fishtown, they're great. They are smoked then fried. My go-to place when craving wings now. Only downside is that their hot wings could be spicier.

        1. Ugly Moose in Manayunk. Good amount of meat and well done.

          1. Don't know which way you are headed to camp, but I have always heard that Sweet Lucy's has really good wings.

            1. I've never been but isn't the Jug Handle Inn in Cinnaminson supposed to have the best wings around? I remember it being on a Food Network special a few years ago.


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                  Arepo if you like Anthony's wings which are baked, you have to try them at Teresa's in Wayne.

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                    CW: I DO prefer them baked. Does Teresa's do them baked?
                    I certainly will try them.
                    Thanks for the tip.

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                      Yes they do them baked ... description from their menu Wings, oven-roasted, never fried, five whole jumbo chicken wings; choose from cinnamon, rosemary-roasted garlic, Thai-ginger, barbeque, or hot sauce

                      I am partial to the rosemary roasted garlic.

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                        Punch me, sock me, hit me! I prefer my wings small, not jumbo. I find them less fowl tasting. In fact, I prefer smaller chickens, small (young) veggies, small everything (well, mostly!)

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                    I do like the wings at Anthony's. My daughter really likes the wings at The Jughandle. Years ago we went to Dadz in Hainesport, NJ and loved their wings.

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                      M - TH 3p - 6p 1/2 price wings at the Jug & $2.00 domestic pints.

                      Its funny you mentioned several places. Many different touches at many different places and rarely are they bad.

                  3. The black garlic wings at Cheu Noodle at pretty fantastic. Not traditional, but great.