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Jun 19, 2013 08:25 PM

Master Chef 6/19

No sure if there's been an uglier (personality wise) person than Krissy on MC. She's profane, hypocritical, and a bully.

I don't like the sabotage injected in these two episodes. It's one thing to give winners immunity, but to give winners the opportunity to sabotage their strongest competitors isn't consistent with finding the "best" home cook.

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  1. And neither is Joe B completely ripping into a contestant going to find the best home cook or encourage anyone to even try. Howard may have screwed up pasta, but Joe was over the line with him.

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Douchiness seems to be an inherited trait in Joe's family.

        1. re: madeliner

          If you think slavery is douchy, yeah.

          1. re: mcf

            Was that ever proven? and ya it is douchy

            1. re: madeliner

              Have you ever heard a denial from Lidia, or another peep from the Italian accuser?

              Lidia likely did the type of crisis management that Paula Deen failed to. And FAST. That news cycle was over almost as soon as it started.

      1. re: DiningDiva

        I was really annoyed with how the judges were putting down creativity in the pasta challenge. Granted, Howard's pasta might have tasted bad (also the guy with the maple) but they seemed to reject both just because it wasn't proper Italian.

        I have come across this attitude with some Italian people who think Italian food is sacred and can't be personalized. So annoying. Who cares if it tastes good. They should be given some acknowledgement for creativity.

        I have been a stickler in the past about certain dishes tasting the way they are supposed to. However, sometimes creativity makes a dish better. I once had Korean rice cakes with melted cheese on top. This is not traditional; it was probably created by Korean college students adapting their food to the college environment. It's delicious!

        They did not say the contestants had to make the pasta Lidia made. So they were free to make whatever filling and sauce they wanted. If it didn't taste good then fine, but they seemed to be slamming the contestants' gall at daring to deviate from accepted Italian pasta fillings and sauce.

        Also, I was disappointed that we didn't see them tasting Luca's dish. I figured he would turn out a winning pasta.

        1. re: chefhound

          I also dislike it when they are tasting everyone's dishes and they deliberately don't show some. I understand they have a set amount of time.... but cut some of the repeats after each commercial or something.

          1. re: chefhound

            I agree...Howard's dish may have not been all that great, and, he hasn't been the strongest of competitors, but what right does that give Joe to absolutely destroy him in front of the other contestants and in front of a TV audience of several million. Howard is from San Diego, as am I, (no I don't know him) and I can tell you there is a huge amount of cross border flavor melding going on right now. Howards, mistake was in not aggressively playing to the Baja Med theme. The San Diego/Northern Baja area has a climate very much like Italy and produces many of the same products, how the chefs on both sides of the border have chosen to work with them is certainly different than Italy and the rest of the Mediterranean for that matter. There has been for some time a strong Italian influence in Tijuana where they openly combined the Italian with the Mexican; they aren't so concerned about "tradition", Mexican or Italian :-). But Howard is also right when he says that San Diego does not have a strong Italian food community. He was on the right track but executed poorly. There was no need to publicly eviserate him.

            I, too, thought Luca would have nailed this challenge.

            1. re: DiningDiva

              Maybe they figured they spent too much time on luca the past two episodes... but then again why build up a character so much then basically ignore him completely? I would think it would be interesting to see someone that nearly went home try to bounce back and do it in an Italian challenge. But, I'm not a TV producer.

              1. re: DiningDiva

                I also thought the treatment of Howard was obnoxious. In other cooking competition venues, it's all about what you personally bring to the dish, and that's what he was doing. I don't think he was being disrespectful of italian food; he was putting his spin on it. Now maybe it didn't taste good, but they made him out to be a lazy, self-indulgent narcissist (and even used that word). That is way over the line.

                1. re: DGresh

                  I think that so far it is interesting that I can't find a post elimination interview from Howard online, but there is one from Bime, Kathy etc. I know that the contestants really have their hands tied by the contracts they sign. Makes me wonder if there will ever be one.

                2. re: DiningDiva

                  As I recall, Joe vouched for Howard in the trials. So there would be that.

                3. re: chefhound

                  Completely agree. So much of the history of food has been with mixing ingredients and techniques - tomatoes aren't native to Italy, and now they're a lovely part of the cuisine.

                  Yes there's a point to mastering the basics and understanding the basics - but sometimes messing with tradition, mixing and matching creates great new flavors and ideas.

                  Now I get that if you're cooking for Joe, that trying to convince him that linguine with clam sauce topped with parmesan is a good idea probably won't get you far. But the way he behaved by someone's attempt at bringing different ingredients together really gives the notion of sticking to the classics a bad name.

                  1. re: cresyd

                    I thought even Gordon looked a little taken aback at Joe's crazy ass rant.

                    1. re: Firegoat

                      but Gordon was the one who did that whole "act like a man and give up your apron" thing, which I also thought was mean-spirited.

                      1. re: DGresh

                        What if Lynn whipped off his apron? I'm guessing there was a producer in the background pointing to Howard so they knew they meant him?

                        1. re: Firegoat

                          The "take off your jacket, you know who you are" has been done before, and is probably a result of producer interviews beforehand. Lynn feels good, Howard feels bad, you're voting Howard anyway...

                  2. re: chefhound

                    i think this kind of food is called "fusion" :-))

                    1. re: ritabwh

                      that is what we call it when we have several take away countainers in the fridge on Sunday afternoon and make lunch out them... "fusion" lunch..

                    2. re: chefhound

                      Funny thing about that purist attitude: I find it's more common among people outside of Italy. Most of my relatives and friends who are still in the "old country" improvise all the time -- they have methods and recipes they prefer, but they're not sticklers. Over here, nostalgia makes people stick to traditions that may not even exist in Italy anymore. (For example, I know several Italians here who insist on chopping everything by hand because it's how their mothers did it; meanwhile, my relatives in Italy all use mini food processors because it saves time.)

                      1. re: piccola

                        interesting. One of the worst offenders is Marcella Hazan in my opinion. Though I love and appreciate her recipes greatly, there's an undercurrent of "of course, you will never be able to make it quite as well if you have to use American basil, or non-Mediterranean fish, or god-forbid, if you use a food processor".

                        1. re: piccola

                          The whole point of great Italian food is to utilize the best, fresh available ingredients. Why would it be a problem for someone who used the different fresh ingredients they had available?

                          1. re: chicgail

                            Exactly. But you know how it is - some people have very rigid views about food. They don't realize that cooking naturally evolves with time.

                            I should add that I'm all for classic recipes. And that while it's fine to experiment with recipes, don't call them by the same name or you'll justifiably get backlash (for example, carpaccio can't be cooked or it's no longer a carpaccio). But go ahead and play around.

                            1. re: piccola

                              My philosophy has become that "authenticity" has more to do with the technique than the ingredients. Your carpaccio, for instance. Hammered and raw, yes, fried no.

                              On the other hand, you can't fry ham and call it a fried egg, but then if I serve biscuits with white or brown gravy, giblet or sausage, it's still biscuits and gravy and no one cares what region it came from.

                              If a Thai family moves to Texas and substitutes jalapenos for their traditional chilies, as far as I'm concerned they are still Thai recipes, not Tex-Mex.

                              1. re: ennuisans

                                That's pretty much how I see things, too.

                    3. Vigliacca. If she had any brass ones, she would have stayed in and baked a meringue pie. Bime did mess up in a big way though, and I think he did deserve to go home. Krissi is soon gonna realize just how "ugly" she actually is, drop some weight, and then go join the likes of beasts like Lisa Lampanelli.

                      1. Beauty and the beast?


                        if these people subject themselves to that sort of nonsense they deserve what they do or don't get

                        Joe is just an asshole - it's fun to watch him be that tho

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                        1. re: madeliner

                          That seemed incredibly tacky. Krissi (at least on camera) appeared to take it in good humor. I'm not sure I would have reacted as well to being called a beast on TV. Not sure what the point of having team captains is if they don't get to pick their teams.

                          1. re: Firegoat

                            Oddly, I didn't hear the designation "beast" as being synonymous with ugly (although with Krissi at the head of the team I could understand that). Im pretty sure that it was intended to describe that it was a power team - or it could have been construed either way.

                            And I'm pretty sure Jane Lynch didn't make up the designations. The production team gave them to her. This stuff, like all reality TV, is all scripted.

                            1. re: chicgail

                              And designations are in the eye of the beholder. Jane Lynch (or at least her Glee character, as I understand the show) prefers the Beast, so it's not an insult coming from her.

                        2. The show is getting nastier and nastier - apparently by design. The producers must think it will garnet them an audience.

                          For me it's just the opposite.

                          I have no interest in watching people be "sabotaged" or insulted or demeaned. But then I don't watch any of the "Real Housewives" of anywhere and it apparently has an audience. Someone must like it.

                          I'm done.

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                          1. re: chicgail

                            If it continues down this road, I suspect I won't be watching next season.

                            1. re: LindaWhit

                              I'm having a pretty hard time finishing up this season and we're only a few episodes in...

                              1. re: DiningDiva

                                Me, too. I have to be out of other stuff on TiVo before I watch it now. Used to be so eager to see it every week.

                          2. I completely agree that the sabotage component of this season is making what was always a fairly antagonistic show unnecessarily mean.

                            In discussion of the Australian Masterchef this season - things have felt less nice/chummy than they did in the previous season, and personally I suspect that part of it has to do with some changes in how the challenges have been designed. There is just no way to respond to the sabotage element with much grace. I think that Luca tried as much as possible by saying that it was because Jordan didn't go into the pressure test and then warmly praised his cupcakes. But there's no way to get out of it and not be "mean" to someone.