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Jun 19, 2013 08:21 PM

Viking Cookware?

I'm looking into buying a 6qt Viking saute casserole (Sauteuses). Im tossed up between that an AC 4qt version. I like the Viking because of the overall dimensions of the piece vs the AC. Any thoughts?

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  1. They are both nice pans, but why wouldn't you compare 6qt versions in both brands? The Viking is 12.5 inches in diameter. An A-C of the same volume could either be a similar diameter, or smaller diameter with higher sides, depending on the model.

    A pan 12 inches or more in diameter would be too large for me, but if I wanted a 6-qt pan, and had a suitable burner for it, then the Viking would be a good choice. I do have a 3-qt A-C sauté pan, and I'm happy with it. I like the MC2 line, but no other manufacturer has a similar pan, as far as I lnow.

    By the way, Cutlery and More has a clearance on the Viking V7 6-qt sauré pan.

    1. Thanks. Im looking for a low sided wide based 6qt pan/pot. AC o has a 6qt pan, but with the handle its 23" long. Barely fitting in my stove. Just wasn't sure about the quality of the Viking compared to the AC products.

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        Hi, mlangan:

        The Viking is made my Demeyere, arguably the best clad manufacturer in the world. Our CH friend mikey (I think) has one, and has everything good to say about it.

        Do you already know you like the A-C handles? If you are one of the many who hate them, it's not a close choice.


      2. I have the smaller three qt. saute pan. I also own some AC. Viking is a notch above AC, IMO. But you need a serious stove for the six quart size.

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          hey, when do you use the 3 qt saute vs. a 12 inch skillet and do you find them redundant? I have the Viking 3qt, too - not sure I like how low the walls are -what do you think of the dimensions? I've seen some other saute''s that have slightly smaller cooking surface and higher sides.

        2. I have a pretty good stove. I was thinking more of a one pot deal and I already have 5 and 7 qt cast enamel dutch ovens. Im looking to sear and finish in the oven with a braise. Thanks for the input. I was concerned that I was only able to find it on one site.

          1. I have the Viking 3 qt saute and I was surprised by how large it is (almost like a 12 inch skillet) and how incredibly heavy it is. I don't think I could lift a 6qt! Something to consider is the height of the sides - my Viking is 2 1/4 inch high and the cooking surface is 10.5 inches (11 inch total pan diameter). I would rather have 9.5 or 10 inches of cooking surface and 2 3/4 or 3 inch high sides - otherwise, it seems redundant with my 12" skillet.

            For what you are wanting to use the pan for, have you considered a Le Creuset braiser? I love mine. I think it comes in 3.5 qt (plenty for me) and 5 qt.