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Jun 19, 2013 07:31 PM

Around Lakes Winnipesaukee/ Winnisquam

Son and daughter-in-law will be honeymooning on Winnisquam, and I'd like to recommend some good places to chow down. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    1. There's a tiny hole-in-the-wall place in Franklin on Rt 3 called Asian Delight. It's our favorite place for Thai food but there are a few Japanese dishes etc. Very nice people although I don't care for the CW singer on Sat nights.
      Our son and his family recently had a good lobster roll and fries at the Lobster Connection near the bridge on Rt 3/Winnisquam. It's very casual, I think there are only outside picnic tables.
      A friend likes Onions in downtown Tilton. The calamari is good.
      We're ramping up for a ride to check out the lobster rolls and onion rings at the Red Hill Dairy. Again very casual. For a nicer meal and rambling old house, we like The Homestead in Bristol but it might be too much of a drive.
      The Corner House Tavern in Center Sandwich is also a drive but unique. I have fond memories of searching out the Sandwich Creamery which they might want to do for fun and then bring ice cream back to their cottage. Depends on how much driving around and exploring they want to do.

      The winter Tilton farmers market was outstanding. I think the one in summer starts soon. If the same vendors attend, it's worth the drive - located in Tanger Outlets area so not a long drive from Winnisquam. There was a pasta guy and a mushroom guy. The mushroom guy is from Tamworth which is next to Center Sandwich but I don't think they sell retail from their growing facility. My friend picks blueberries and strawberries at Suroweic Farm in Sanborn not far from Winnisquam where they might also want to get fresh veggies etc. If they go to the Tilton farmers market, they should be able to get locally raised grass fed beef, both Angus and Highlander for some scrumptious burgers.

      1. Thanks very much for your tips!