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Jun 19, 2013 06:19 PM

Tortilla Chips question

When making tortilla chips is it better to use drier tortillas or fresher, moister ones? If there is a difference, why?

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  1. I've always heard that you should us stale, dry tortillas for frying chips and tostadas. I am guessing, but it probably has something to do with the rate of browning vs. the rate of moisture evaporation from the chips. You want all of the moisture to be gone from the chips before they become too dark. Just a guess.

    1. If the tortillas are too moist then you get large steam bubbles to the point where the chip is ruined or at least suboptimal.

      I've heard of Mexicans who leave tortillas out in the sun for a day before frying. At the same time a Mexican friend told me that her family never dried their tortillas before frying. This was after I'd fried some tortillas that I'd left out to dry for a day and they came out too tough. Presumably they were too dry.

      And I too have made perfectly good chips/tostadas without drying the tortillas. It just depends on the tortilla -- how much moisture it has to start with, the thickness, maybe also the type of corn and how it was made.

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        I meant to say thanks for reply. I made with slightly stale torts and they turned out great.

      2. The thinner the tortilla the better.

        1. The Dryer the better. They fry up faster, come out less oily and have a sharper crunch.

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            You can over-dry thicker tortillas. See my other comment, I've done it. The result is dense and hard to bite through -- not a chipper chip.

            If it's on the thick side you want to retain some moisture to lighten up the density.