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Jun 19, 2013 05:01 PM

Fresh New Mexico Chiles in the Orlando area?

Does anyone know if there is any place that sells fresh New Mexico chiles in the Orlando area? Better yet, any fresh chile roasters?

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  1. The Fresh Market in Vero Beach usually has a chile roaster for a couple of days in August/September, when the harvest comes in. Maybe there's a Fresh Market in Orlando?

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    1. re: janniecooks

      Thanks, janniecooks!!!! I will definitely ask the store here if they do that!

      1. re: ihatemco

        I'm pretty sure I've seen a chile roaster at the Fresh Market in Altamonte Springs, but I have no idea when they do it.

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          You're welcome! If you'd like to be notified, sign up on the Fresh Market site to receive their emails and you'll know when the roaster is scheduled. (Be forewarned: they do send out maybe two, sometimes three, emails a week with their weekly and Saturday specials.)

      2. The harvest season for New Mexico Hatch chilies begins in late July, peaks around labor day.

        1. You might also want to check with Whole Foods. The one in Tampa has gotten them in before in the fall, but they sold out of them very quickly.

          If you don't mind quantity, I've found the simplest thing is to just order a case and have them shipped.

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              Yep, its kind of tedious because we use our grill but it works. We generally invite some friends over for "roasting day", fire up the grill and work through the case (bagging and freezing the majority of them.) It would be simpler with a roaster, but its also only one afternoon a year.

              I'm pretty sure there are at least a few companies in New Mexico that will sell them already roasted, but I imagine the shipping gets ridiculous. Ordering them fresh means being able to ship ground with UPS.

              1. re: jfischer27

                That would be a lot of work roasting a case of them, but they are so good it's worth it.

          1. Just got an email from Fresh Market, they're roasting chiles this weekend, Sept 14-15, 1-5pm:


            The first slide in the scrolling top section discussions the chile roast.

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              I'm glad I saw this. I called my Bradenton Fresh Market and they are doing it also, same hours.