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Jun 19, 2013 03:44 PM

SweetSalt - kid-friendly cafe/bakery @ Fraser & 19th

I've been meaning to post a mini-review of this newish "family-focused bakery and cafe."
Encouraged by a LivingSocial deal, and a good friend in the area, I've been here twice now with my little ones (age 4 and 18 months) for lunch. This is a bakery with excellent coffee and tea beverages and a nice, if small, selection of sandwiches made to order, all served with a tossed green salad ($8-9).
The big draw for this place is it's a great spot if you have young children - lots of highchairs, a little play-kitchen area in the front window, and a large bathroom with change table, step stool, etc. The children's menu includes the "kindercino" which is steamed milk with rainbow sprinkles for $1 and a ham and cheese sandwich on a large, bread pretzel for $3. And of course lots of cookies, etc. I noticed on my last visit that they also offer baking classes for children.

I wish somewhere like this would open on the Westside but until then SweetSalt is hitting the spot.

*I haven't tried any of the sweet bakery items so can't comment on the quality but they look like they might be a bit dry.

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  1. We were just there on Saturday for lunch ! Been driving by SS for eons, my impression by their signage that it's a bakery/deli/cafe with capacity for kids to get their hands dirty and make their own dough-y creations (think Crankpots, Rocky Mtn Flatbread Co.). Well that's not to be, but they are fam/kids-friendly and we enjoyed our lunch. LR Jr. got his "kinder" ham & cheese pretzel combo for $3 .... can't beat that, and he devoured it. Having said that, the play area is really for < 5 yr-old kids (think old IKEA restaurant, or Little Nest, or Munch in Lynn Valley), older kids won't be engaged by their play area. But heck, we had our iPad in tow.

    Wife had the Wunderbar sammy (Basil and tomato pesto, tomatoes, bocconcini, balsamic reduction) which was nice except the bun was like a WW sourdough (?) and quite dense. She remarked it was the wrong bread for the sammy, where a simple focaccia would have sufficed. I didn't eat anything so I've no comments.

    Good to see a casual cafe in that stretch of Fraser south of Kingsway.