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Jun 19, 2013 01:53 PM

Summer rooftop dining WITH RESERVATIONS?

I know there have been countless discussions and articles on the best rooftop spots for the summer, but does anyone know of restaurants in Boston where you can actually make a reservation for a rooftop spot?

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  1. Do you really mean ~rooftop~ dining? Or do you just mean ~outdoor~ dining? Because frankly there aren't many rooftops to choose from in Boston.

    There's one at Blu (Ritz Carlton in Theater District). They take reservations.

    You can also reserve at Poe's Kitchen/Rattlesnake.

    Other outdoor options here:

    1. make Legal Harborside? I think their roof deck has a retractable roof so they might not be totally at the mercy of the weather.

      1. Great question -- is there anywhere that you can confirm that you will be seated outside when they take your reservation.

        1. Oleana doesn't for their patio..

          1. the colonnade and cafe fiore have rooftops but i wouldn't eat at either.

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              Oh SNAP! I know to avoid fiore but is the colonnade awful too?