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Chip or Dip, which comes first?

I was sitting there munching on some generic/store brand 'woven wheat crackers' and a popular storebought blend of chickpeas and other ingredients that could possibly be considered hummus in the most general terms.

As I was eyeballing proportions so that I didn't end up with either a half box of crackers or a half tub of 'dip' left over I started wondering if the dip was a condiment to accentuate the taste and texture of the chip, if the chip was a delivery vehicle for the dip, or if the two were a well balanced combination to be enjoyed as a single entity.

Now part of that depends on the chip and the dip involved. I tend to lean slightly toward the 'dip delivery vehicle' as I normally would not eat trisc... er... woven wheat crackers by themselves, but i was wondering which side other chowhounds came down on. (I have been known to down a large number of other type of crackers without dip,)

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  1. For me the chip is a "dip delivery vehicle" as I rarely eat chips without dip.

    1. the "dip" comes first ;-)

        1. I'll have to agree that the scooping item is secondary to the dip, but I have very definite ideas of which chip/cracker/veg should be served with those dips. Guess I think of it as a symbiotic relationship.

          1. Depends. Parties is where I usually encounter both dips and dippers, and usually there seems to be enough variants of each that I just pick what I want with what. As for which would come first if I were buying, it would most frequently begin with what food the chips would precede, and then what dips I want for that kind of chip. Hence: chili or enchiladas = tortilla chips = salsa, bean dip, guac or chile con queso. BBQ or cookout = kettle chips = onion or spinach or pesto dip. Mediterranean = pita chips = tzatzike or hummus medley. Some dips, such as pico de gallo, can work nicely with any cuisine (at least any that call for dips!) and a broad variety of dippers.

            1. That totally depends on the chip. :D

              1. Dip choice first, most of the time.

                Occasionally a chip/cracker will turn up that screams for a particular topping -- maybe 10-15% of the time.

                (BTW, 'woven wheat crackers' work best w/sliced cheese for me lol.)

                1. The word 'dip' has two different meanings (at least).

                  1. For me the chip must be able to stand on it's own, in the flavor and crispness dept but, as a multi tasker, it can also be the delivery vehicle that can add value to a tasty dip.

                    1. Dip comes first, but then you've got to consider the chip. Who doesn't love a chunky spicy chipful of guacamole? But would that guacamole taste just as balanced on an everything bagel chip? Or perhaps you have a tangy and thick pimento cheese which could end up a battlefield of broken tortilla chips without the right vehicle.

                      Chips and dip are a marriage, and every marriage is best when it's your soul mate.

                      1. Dip is where it's at for me; I think about that first, and then the delivery system.

                        1. Love, love, love the 'woven wheat crackers' - only the Original, no fancy, shmancy flavors. The are the vehicle for a good smoked salmon dip, salami and cheese (dipped in buttermilk ranch dressing) or a "bar cheese" recipe I make about once a year.

                          1. The dip, unless it is pale yellow, cheesy and bacony, and squirts out of a can onto a cracker named "domesticated egg-laying barnyard fowl" in a biskit. In that case, they are both equally complimentary and equally important to the snack/meal.

                            1. Snack or meal?
                              If it's a meal then the chip is a delivery device for the hummus, salsa or other non-sour cram and soup mix dip/
                              If it's a snack, the dip just serves to wet down the otherwise dry chip or cracker.

                              1. Sounds like a deeply philosophical conversation to me. :-)

                                1. Dip first. My guac HAS to be accompanied by salted white tortilla chips. My fresh oyster dip HAS to be accompanied by dip-size Fritos.

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                                  1. Shoveling spoonfuls of dip into our face is kinda gross so I have always felt the crackers and chips were invented as a socially acceptable way to consume dip. In the same way I think God created broccoli so we would have a socially acceptable way to consume ranch dressing.