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ISO recommendation for dinner- Relatives staying overnight in Revere

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My aunt & uncle will be staying at a hotel in Revere next Tuesday night and we would like to get together with them for dinner. I looked on the board for places in Revere and don't think that will do for my 80 something relatives. We were thinking of the North End but my uncle has recently had surgery so I don't want to make him walk too far. Not looking for Prezza prices but want a nice place. Not interested for Asian for this evening. TIA.

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  1. Definitely not cutting edge, but they might enjoy the Winthrop Arms. Very "old school."

    Been a while since I've been but simple prepped food in a nice spot.


    1. They might enjoy the Porthole Restaurant in Lynn, which is just down the street. Right on the water. Ample free parking. The food is not overly fancy, but it's always fresh and dependable. Good cocktails too. It is a big favorite with the older locals on the North Shore!

      1. Haven't been myself, but I hear Abbondanza in Everett is a very good Italian-American place of the old school.


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          Abbondanza is very good. The tables are a little too crowded together for my preference, so if you need a little more elbow room you might want to call ahead or mention it when you go in. There is street parking on Main St and around the corner on the side streets, you could drop your uncle at the door if you can't find a spot out front.

          Oya Cuban Cafe in Malden might work too. We took my not-very-adventuresome, 70-something inlaws there for lunch and they really enjoyed it.

        2. Demainos in Revere is solid red sauce Italian. Also Ravesi on Revere St is very good.

          1. The Continental. It's right out of the 70s from the dark red booths and carpet to the gold and velvet accents. The menu has a lot of variety not to mention my favorite baked stuffed lobster in the Boston area. They also come around with freebies like popovers, chicken wings, spinach pie, etc. it's right up Rt 1 in Saugus about 2 miles from the Revere exit. They do a brisk senior citizen early bird business.

            1. Thanks for all the advice. I laughed at some of the suggestions that mentioned older people. My relatives might be in their 80s but they are definitely not old.

              We went to Ravesi. It was a short drive from their hotel. When we arrived the hostess was unaware of our reservations. Not only had I made a reservations sometime last week but when the flight was delayed I called in the afternoon and pushed it back an hour. The hostess was very flustered since the dining room was full with a fund raiser. She asked if we minded waiting in the bar so she could set something up for us. She also bought us a round of drinks which was very nice of her.

              From my seat in the bar I could see them bring in a table and four chairs and set it up. Once we got into the dining room we had an excellent meal. My DH started with clams casino, I had the special of littlenecks fra diavolo (some of the best clams I have had recently!), my aunt a huge Caesar salad and my uncle said his clam chowder was excellent. For entrees we all had veal- two picata with mushrooms and artichokes, one marsala and my DH's came breaded with lemon. Sides were steamed carrots, ziti marinara or roasted potatoes. The only negative comment I could make was that the portions are very large. One of the things I really liked was that the veal wasn't dredged in flour which I feel makes it gummy and was very tender.

              My DH had the tiramisu for dessert and as the smart fellow he is said it wasn't as good as mine. We also had some very good Italian cookies that the woman from the fund raiser gave to us.

              The evening got off to a rocky start but everything turned out wonderful. The hostess (I think co-owner) after her initial panic was very nice and friendly.

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                I has a really good meal at Ravesi recently myself.