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Jun 19, 2013 01:26 PM

Restaurant suggestions for business dinner for 8

I wanted to see if I could get some restaurant suggestions for a business dinner I will be hosting. It will be for a group of about 8 people and I'm looking for a restaurant that where I might be able to reserve a private (or semi-private) room so that we're somewhat isolated from the other diners and the noise. This will be my first time in Portland and I really don't have any clue what might be best.

Thank you for your suggestions and help!

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  1. My picks would include: Tabla, Genoa, Metrovino, Irving Street Kitchen, Wildwood, Firehouse, Andina, Davis Street Tavern

      1. Wildwood has completely private rooms and their minimum is pretty low. Imperial has one, not sure of their rates. Bar Avignon is great but it' s not a separate space. Andina definitely has private space. So does the Veritable Quandary. The Ringside might but I'm not certain. Genoa is the quietest place on earth so you would not need an extra room but it is probably out of a business dinner price point. Figuring that there is at least one or two not so adventurous eaters in the group I might start with the VQ which does solid if not very inventive food, has a full bar, lots of beers and a decent wine list. Wildwood would be the next place I looked at.

        1. Levant has a very private room that seats 8.

          1. We had a nice holiday dinner for a group of adventurous and not at all adventurous at Pazzo. They have a private room. We had a party of about 10.

            It was the Pazzo Wine Room, seats up to 14 according to their website.