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Jun 19, 2013 01:22 PM

Best restaurant in Portland???

I'm going to be in Portland for one night in Aug. We haven't been there for 3 years. When i was there last we atein Fore St., Back Bay Grill, and Street and Company. I would be happy at any of them, but I was wondering if there was a new and excellent restaurant.

Thanks in advance

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  1. You might try posting on the NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND BOARD.
    Maine is NOT in southern New England

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    1. re: bagelman01

      I guess I was thinking of "down Maine." As a former Bostonian I should have known it.

    2. One dinner in August... I'd have to say Hugo's. They're real close to reopening after a total remodel. I think it will be the hot ticket in town for the summer.

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      1. re: bobbert

        Thanks. I went on their website and it says they're still closed. Did not say when they are re-opening. I think I tried to get in there3 years ago and couldn't.

        1. re: lenorel57

          They're saying that they should be reopening first week in July.

          1. re: bobbert

            I peeked in there yesterday and they've got a lot of work to do if they are going to be open in a couple of weeks!

      2. Pai Men Miyake
        Eventide (by the new Hugo's people)

        ...are two favorites right now (tho we always try to make time for Fore Street, at least for 5pm at-the-bar-walk-in mussels and wine)

        Bar/snack crawls are great here, and getting a reservation for a late-ish table at Eventide to finish is a nice way to do it

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        1. re: Jolyon Helterman

          Thanks. If we we went bar crawling they probably wouldn't let us in (too old). They'd be afraid we'd fall off the stool....just kidding. Will check out Eventide. I can get excellent Asian food here in ny

          1. re: lenorel57

            These bars have comfy seats!

            At Eventide, the "lobster rolls" (done in those pork bao buns) are small-plate-sized, and good to share: I'm usually a mayo guy, but the brown-butter-vinaigrette version was mind-blowing. (We had six people, so shared all three styles—bbv, house mayo, and hollandaise—as apps.) The crudos and raw bar are all delicious, and the night I went they had an Asian-style fish dish with noodles and a ramen-y broth that was great.

            If you have to wait at Eventide, a block down is Duck Fat. Everyone gives love to their namesake fries and sandwiches, but I thibnk that their charcuterie and their delicate seasonal salads get overlooked. A good place to bide your time, if needed, and snack.



            1. re: Jolyon Helterman

              My mouth is watering already. Too many choices for just one night.

            2. re: lenorel57

              I'm a card carrying AARP member and manage to crawl around Portland regularly. It's an age friendly town. Piggybacking on Jolyon's post, on Monday a friend and I started at the North Point wine bar then Eventide followed by Duckfat (really nice evening) but... I'm still really looking forward to see the redone Hugo's.

              1. re: bobbert

                These must be places that serve small plates. It's a good way to get the taste of different restaurants...especially when your time is limited to one night. The trouble is that if I like a dish I don't want just a taste of it.