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Jun 19, 2013 01:16 PM

What to make? bake? with some delicous new raw, fresh macadamia nuts

I picked up fresh, raw, shelled macs at our local farmer's market today. Macadamia nuts in California -- who knew?

Sell me on some good uses....

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  1. The fat content in macadamia nuts would probably make for a decadent nut butter or macadamia milk. A tropical macadamia horchata would be delicious.

    Beyond that, macadamia encrusted fish and carrot-macadamia are tasty uses.

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      Oh yes, seconding the fish suggestion. This recipe is a wonderful combination of flavours - not only that, it looks gorgeous:

      Salmon di Jendela--Salmon with Indonesian pesto in rice paper


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        That reminds me that macadamia nuts make a good substitute for candlenuts in Indonesian and Malaysian curry pastes. Many many more recipes to try than I first proposed.

    2. You could always make my favorite type of cookie, white chocolate macadamia nut. Or try roasting/toasting them, I love eating them by the handful that way.

      1. Sorry to give a nonanswer, but have you tasted them raw? I found some at a farmer's market a couple months back, and they were so amazing I couldn't bring myself to do anything but eat them.

        Also random note just in case you have a furry friend, apparently they are very dangerous to dogs. So if you're like me and toss your dog a bite of whatever you're eating, don't :-)

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          heh heh

          Well, yes, I meant recipes for the next time I buy a bag. We ate the largest bag very quickly, too quickly to even experiment with roasting and salting. Very tasty.

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              Ipse, macadamia ice cream is the star at the Bern's dessert room upstairs in Tampa, especially on top of their individual apple pies.
              Otherwise, this is a third vote for macadamia encrusted fish. I won't prepare Chilean sea bass any other way.