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Jun 19, 2013 12:56 PM

anything "new" and interesting between Green Bay and Iron Mountain, MI?

I have to pick up three smelly, stinky, cranky from lack of sleep due to having fun scouts (all teenagers d*mn it) from camp. I plan on driving up the day before from MKE and staying in Iron Mountain, MI. There are a couple of cheese places I remember from last year, I refuse to stop at neuske's due to the very high prices, I refuse to stop in Sartori due to the misleading billboard (VISIT OUR CHEESE SHOP!) that was a very small dorm fridge with a glass door and a dozen cheese in it at best.. This year I do plan to stop and try pickle soup. I may also feed them with a drink full of melatonin so that they sleep for the long trip back. Something like the Neurosleep that works great for me.

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