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Jun 19, 2013 12:55 PM

Brazilian restaurants in the area

I've been to TDB and Rafain... both were enjoyable. Thinking of trying Vila Brazil in Irving; has anyone been there? I'm sure the ambiance won't compare to the former two, but it's really about the food for me. How is it there? Are there others worth trying that aren't in the break-the-bank category?

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  1. I don't think any of them are inexpensive.

    1. I've been to Vila Brazil, it's connected somehow (maybe owners, maybe former chef, not really sure how) to Brazil Brasilleiro in Richardson. Both are very good. They aren't fancy like Rafain or Fogo or TDB, but they have most of the same cuts and only cost like $20-$25 for the rodizio.

      The biggest difference will be with the salad bars. Fogo has a huge salad bar with tons of high end stuff. Vila Brazil and Brazil Brasilleiro have smaller salad bars with "cheaper" items but also more authentic dishes like feijoada and pastel.

      The final benefit to a place like Vila Brazil is you can very easily get whatever cuts you want. You could eat only Picanha all night if you chose.

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        One follow up note. There is a brazilian store attached to Vila Brazil where you can pick up thinks like Cacao, Guarana, pao de queijo and more.

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          Thanks for the rec. I'll write back once I've had a chance to try either Vila Brazil or BB.

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          FYI Brazil Brasileiro has shut down.