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Jun 19, 2013 12:21 PM

Anniversary in Philly...any recommendations with outdoor seating?

My husband and I are coming to town this Saturday from Bucks County to spend our anniversary doing touristy type stuff that we haven't done for years...carriage ride, constitution center, and maybe even a cocktail or two in the afternoon (gasp).
We are looking for restaurant suggestions preferably near old city or rittenhouse square area. Price isn't really an issue. We prefer small plates, tasting-type menus but are pretty much open to anything (other than pizza, sandwiches, heavy pasta). We have already eaten at Talulas Garden which I know has an outdoor seating area. Loved it but prefer someplace new.
Any ideas? The weather is supposed to be good this weekend and after the last few weeks of monsoons, we would love to sit outside.

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  1. One of my favorite spaces in the city is the courtyard at the M restaurant which is part of the Morris Hotel It has been some time since I have eaten there, but from an ambiance standpoint I cannot think of a better place.

    231 S 8th St., Philadelphia, PA 19106

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      Funny...that was the other place I thought of too. We ate there a few years ago and were please with the food and atmosphere. But, we would like to try someplace we haven't been if possible. Any other ideas?

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        Next place that comes to mind is the back courtyard at Bistro La Minette.

        Here is a list of al fresco dining from visit philly. Most is sidewalk dining.

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          LOL. Do you have ESP? That is the one I came up with also. It looks pretty walkable from old city and the menu looks great. And best of all, they have tables available. Thanks so much for all your help.

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            That is an excellent list, by the way. Thanks again.

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          We loved the courtyard at the Rittenhouse Tavern. I understand there is a new chef since last we were there but we had found both the service and food to be quite good.

        2. Raw, on Sansom, has a nice outdoor area (though I've not been for several years). It's inside, kind of -i mean, it's outdoor, but in an interior courtyard.
          I like outdoor dining, but I'm not so crazy about just being out on the sidewalk with all the pedestrians walking by. It works in Paris, but Paris has much larger sidewalks.

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            Thanks for all the recommendations. As it turns out my husband came down with a horrible virus and we didn't go out at all. We had planned to try Bistrot la Minette but had to cancel reservations. I agree about streetside vs courtyard dining. Traffic noise and pedestrians do not make for relaxing dining. Hopefully we can get to a few of these places sometime this summer.