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Jun 19, 2013 12:18 PM

Late solo dinner by Moorgate [London]

Right. Annual 2 month strop at the mods over...

Am back down in the smoke for a conference which finishes 8/9ish on Friday in Moorgate. Then I have to head back to Clapham Junction.

Is there ANYWHERE interesting near Moorgate (that's not faine dining)?

Default will be to head west for Bone Daddies/Tonkatsu that I've not been to. Or is there anywhere else on my route that I've missed in the 18 months since I left and would do for a frazzled post-work lady a seule?

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  1. How about the Jugged Hare?
    I went recently and the crispy pigs head and lambs liver and black pudding were really good.They were also doing gulls eggs when I went but I think the season's probably over now.

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    1. I would recommend going to the bar at Hawksmoor Guildhall. You can order from the main menu, or have the amazing burger.

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        Oops, sorry, Olly beat me to it, managed to miss his reply!

      2. Hawksmoor have a branch near there...

        1. Sedap is a stop away on Old Street if you haven't been.

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            Thanks all. I'd got the wrong end of the stick and we actually got fed at the conference, more's the pity, as looked longingly at the Jugged Hare's menu when I went past. They had me at Clonakilty black pudding croquettes...