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Jun 19, 2013 11:38 AM


Coming to NYC from Wyoming and want to try the Cronut, but don't want to wake up so early nor do I want to stand in line. Word is Chikalicious Dough'Ssant is quite similar and I can also try Yummm Bun that Florence Fabricant wrote of last week. Should I just go there instead? Anyone had both?

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  1. willydean

    Have had both. Did not wait the line, fortunately. We preferred the chickalicious one. While the Cro's cream was delicious, dough'ssant's meyer lemon and raspberry made it a less indulgent more enjoyable donut eating experience. Not sure when you're coming, but I'd wait another few weeks for the fervor to die down 'cause while the cro was an experience, likely not one we'd repeat.

    1. I spoke to the bakers this morning and they said that they have change the Dough'ssant a bit. I am a fan of Chikalicious Dessert Club and I would have to say that this is their best single item.
      Chowhound was started to find and spread deliciousness, and it is in this basic way go and get one.
      Club is now open early so I can have a Homer in heaven breakfast. Coffee is good enough.

      1. Has anyone tried Mille Feuille's "French Donut" (which is another adaptation of the cronut)?

        1. I was able to experience cronut AND Doughssant. Verdict, Doughssant wins by a hair. It's simply lighter with more flavor and something I could eat everyday. I tried to get my hands on the French donut from Mille Feuille on July 4th...but got there a little too late (even though it was still morning and a holiday!), I haven't been back for a second attempt. The Doughssant is worth the trip and they always have them in stock or a new batch coming out shortly...which is nice so it's not a wasted trip!

          1. After third go at dou'Ssants, one each on three seperate days I'm sold on them.
            Perhaps the met should sell them, they are big on the name.