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Jun 19, 2013 11:31 AM

ideas where I can throw my son's 1st birthday?


I have until next January but Im doing my research now instead of last minute. I need a place maybe a vfw post or even a party room... I have adults and kids about 30 ppl including kids. I looking to pay no more than 35 a person, kids could be free but if not then doesnt matter. If anyone knows of any place I would appreciare it.


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  1. Buffalo? Albany? Long Island? Plattsburgh? Hudson Valley?

    1. Unadilla? Adams? Hemmingford? Painted Post? Porters Corners? Specificity in your original post is considered a plus on a board which covers all of New York State except the city.

      1. I see you live in Yonkers. Are you looking for activities for the other kids or will this be an adult party with some small children present?