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June 19 - National Martini Day

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So, apparently today is National Dry Martini Day. Where's your favorite version to celebrate Juneteenth?


City of Martinez and The Martini Story

The Martini

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  1. The old cocktails that San Francisco and Martinez cite as the origins of the drink are not very similar to a dry martini.


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        When I drink gin it's with tonic or in a Last Word.

    1. I had TWO martinis to celebrate and am just now sobering up enough to write about it (lightweight). First drink with Dorothy Parker (New York Distillery) gin at Credo in FiDi. Had never had this one before, very nice, smooth, but still interesting. I do like dry, and with extra olives (but not dirty). Second Martini at Tribune Tavern with #209: very tasty. Tribune has some sharp bartenders.

      Might be my favorite holiday, this one.