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Jun 19, 2013 10:32 AM

Cape Cod Caterer for Party in Sandwich Needed

I'm looking for a caterer in Sandwich or thereabouts for a bday party for my 4 year old. Very casual. On my list right now is:
Marshland Too
Two Brothers

any comments or suggestions??

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  1. You could contact Heidi who owns the Fiddlestix Trolley. The kids might get a kick out of getting their food off a trolley. I'm sure she could do a kid friendly menu. And what kid doesn't like food on a stick?: (that's her ''thing").

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      thanks again. do you think her prices are reasonable?

      1. re: eLizard

        I think they are for the quality of her food. I have no idea what she charged for a private event, or how many people you are trying to feed. When she sets up roadside on 6A in Sandwich at the mini golf her menu prices are around $9. But her portions may be too big for 4 year olds. I'm sure she'll work for you if it's reasonable. If you're having 15 kids and that's it, your first thought of a deli platter from somewhere is probably the way to go.

        Here's my review with a few photos from a year or so ago...

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          lots and lots of people. adults and kids. we are doing it on a camp ground at peter's pond. and we're inviting all the kids.

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            If you don't have the option of delivery, Lamberts on Cotuit road is very close to you. My kids love their fruit platters. Only downside is no option for cute, kid-friendly stuff. Roche Brothers can deliver and has a wide range of food options.

    2. I wonder if Cynthia at Cafe Riverview (E. Sandwich, MA) can assist? She is amazing.

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        this is something i will look into. thank you!