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Jun 19, 2013 09:55 AM

Dinner near MIT/Kendall this Friday?

Our son and a friend are attending camp on the MIT campus so we would like to able to walk to dinner if possible. How crazy will it be to try to get a table around 6:00 pm this Friday night? Long waits? Most places seem to not accept reservations and I know these kids are going to be starving.

I don’t know the Kendall Square restaurant scene at all anymore. Doing some searching on here a couples places I remember still seem to be mentioned-Thailand Café, Hungry Mother, Miracle of Science and Blue Room. Though there one recent “down hill” review about the Blue room. Any thoughts for trying to get a table 6:00 an at any of these? And how long walk wouldbe?

Atasca takes reservations but our son’s friend is clearly in the chicken finger/plain pasta camp and not a thing on the menu would appeal to him. Anyone been there with a picky eater? Do they have a kids menu?

Was thinking as a last resort we could get takeout pizza from Emmas. That space is so tight I don’t think we would have a chance at snagging table but I am sure the kids would be fine eating the car on the way home. However the ‘rents were hoping to sit and relax-anyone been there at 6 on Friday night?

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  1. It shouldn't be that bad at 6. Area 4 on Broadway or Za on 3rd for pizza. Cambridge Brewing Company also has simple food. All three have outdoor seating. Hungry Mother would probably be difficult without reservations. Distance depends on where at MIT but probably a 5-20 min walk.

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      Great, thank you. Both are Four and the Cambridge Brewing company seem like a good neutral choices.

      I really like the sound of A4 fennel sausage and banana pepper pizza!

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        That's a great pizza - we've had it several times! :)

    2. Emma's shouldn't have a long wait at 6pm on a Friday.

      Some other places you can try (that are most likely a shorter walk) are Za, Abigail's and Firebrand Saints. There won't be waits at Za and FB, and I'd doubt you'll have to wait at Abigail's either.

      Area Four is fantastic, but you'll have to wait there.

      Miracle of Science won't be relaxing for the parents. Hungry Mother will be fully booked. The Blue Room is just not good right now.

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          Do let us know what you pick. I will say that Firebrand Saints probably gets the least pub of any of the places I've mentioned, but it's actually a pretty good option. They do nice sandwiches and roast meats (the porchetta is really good). They also do a cheese dip with Jack D'or that I really enjoy. Not the most adventurous menu for sure, but a good solid place with reasonable prices and 5 minute walk to MIT. They also have very cool video installations that are worth seeing once.

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            I vaguely remember people complaining about the noise when they first opened. Is that the case?

            1. re: viperlush

              I've never found it to be that loud to be honest. Definitely not as loud as West Bridge for example. Then again, noise isn't something that really bothers me in restaurants, but I know many feel otherwise. I know Devra (and a few others) reviewed them when they first opened, so that might be an answer.

      1. There's still the Legal there, if you are jonesing for seafood..

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          Has it improved at all. I find Legal boring at best but have heard nothing but complaints about that location. Last time I was there 5? 8? years the bathrooms were filthy.

        2. I can't speak to kids' menus at any of these places - but I'm fairly certain Catalyst takes reservations, and Amelia's Trattoria definitely does. Cambridge Brewing Company food isn't anything special, but Area 4 is supposed to be great. Friendly Toast could be another option with many kid-friendly options.

          If you're looking at takeout, Bon Me is also pretty great and I'm a big fan of Emma's.

          1. you can always play it safe with the Asgard on Mass Ave, pub food, but in my opinion, very good pub food, nice beer selection, and large enough should not be a problem getting seated.